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Rokolub® 68

PCC Rokita SA / Polyols Business Unit
Chemical name
polyalkylene glycol (PAG)
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Rokolub 68 is a polyether polyol obtained by means of the starter propoxylation. The product has a form of homogenous, clear liquid at the temperature of 25°C. This polyol is water insoluble. During its manufacturing process Rokolub 68 BHT antioxidants are added. The kinematic viscosity of Rokolub 68 (ISO VG 68) at the temperature 40°C ranges from 60 to 70 cSt.

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Properties and applications
  • Product with high viscosity index, which facilitates its high quality;
  • Polyol with good low temperature properties, which makes it suitable for application in diverse weather conditions;
  • Product compatible with NBR and EPDM elastomers, which broadens its application range;
  • Product marked by high cleanliness of equipment and machines during use, as well as reduced tendency for deposit and sludge forming;
  • Used for production of oils dedicated for gas compressors and refrigeration compressors;
  • Production used in industry as a component for production of service fluids and metalworking fluids;

Markets and applications
Lubricants and functional fluids / Brake fluids, Compressor oils, Hydraulic fluids, Industrial lubricants

Functional fluids / Hydraulic fluids
Lubricants / Industry gear lubricants, Textile lubricants

PAG / Water insoluble

Specialty Products / Lubricants & functional fluids

Alternative names
polyalkylene glycol (PAG), polypropylene glycol
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