Eco-washing, a way to care for the environment every day

Household chemicals, including washing detergents, have a number of advantages. These include effectiveness in the removal of grime, a broad selection of products and of course easy availability. However, they also have some disadvantages. One of these is the negative impact these products can have on the environment. That is why it is advisable to consider choosing an eco-friendly washing detergent.

Published: 3-09-2021

 In view of the advancing climate crisis, people have started to pay much more attention to the impact that even the simplest daily activities have on the environment. One of these activities is washing, which usually involves the use of strong chemicals. An alternative is to replace such detergents with products based on raw materials featuring high biodegradability.

Long history

Laundries have a long history. A breakthrough in their genesis took place in 1876, with the production of professional washing detergents dedicated to laundries. This process was thanks to a German company, Henkel & Cie. The first product manufactured by the company was washing powder based on sodium silicate. The powder itself was not innovative, but the way it was packed turned out to be ground-breaking. While such detergents had previously been sold by weight, Henkel, however, decided to sell theirs in convenient packages. The next breakthrough took place in 1907 with the appearance of the first washing powder for automatic washing machines – Persil. Since then, washing detergents have seen significant development, becoming become much more effective and also more efficient. An unfortunate side effect of the detergent industry has been its negative impact on the environment. That is why people have started looking for more eco-friendly solutions. There are two possible options – one for enthusiasts of their own products and another for those who prefer to buy ready-made goods.

Home solutions

For those people who enjoy DIY solutions, then they may be interested in preparing their own washing powder. All that is required is a few ingredients:

  • 1 cup of washing soda,
  • 1 cup of borax,
  • ¼ cup of soap flakes.

Put all the ingredients in an airtight container and shake well until everything combines. Another option is to add some essential oil of natural origin to create a pleasant fragrance. Such home-made washing powder is easy to prepare, effective and, most importantly, eco-friendly. For those who prefer to buy ready-made products, the detergent industry offers another eco-friendly solution.

Eco-friendly detergents

It has become increasingly common to find eco-friendly washing products on the shop shelves. One alternative to traditional products is the washing ball. These are made from special plastic materials. Such balls contain smaller ceramic pieces mainly made from mineral salts, including calcium carbonate as well as other mild washing substances and various types of resin. They can be a good choice for not only anyone who cares about the environment, but also those with allergies, since these washing materials generally do not cause allergic reactions. The eco-friendliness of washing balls is also related to their great efficiency. The use of such washing products means that all that needs purchasing are refills Another alternative to traditional washing detergents is the soap nut. These nuts come from the Sapindus Mukorossi tree, which grows in Asia. They are picked and shelled at just the right moment, the centre is removed and the shells dried. They produce large amounts of saponin, which takes the form of foam on contact with water and serves the role of detergent. This means that the washing substance is 100% natural, so the environment is not contaminated by any pollutants. It is also worth mentioning that such products can be used to wash both white and coloured fabric.

Daily choices

This choice of different products and washing styles is a great example of our care for the environment. The constant changes taking place in the world make us aware of just how important it is to make conscious choices. Buying eco-friendly products is also a way to support companies that are not indifferent about the future of our planet. One such company is the PCC Group, which promotes a wide array of products intended for the manufacture of eco-friendly washing substances. These form part of the GREENLINE product line. This mainly includes such surface-active agents as ROKAcet KO300G, EXOsoft PC35, ExoAlc 1618, EXOdis PC440, ROKAmid KAD/2A and many more surfactants, whose production is based on natural ingredients. They may also render traditional washing products eco-friendly.

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