Elastomers – revolution for security

CASE is a group of specialized chemicals and applications consisting of elastomers, adhesives, coatings and sealants (C – coatings, A – adhesives, S - sealants, E - elastomers). In the following article we present the characteristics of elastomers. Find out what distinguishes this group of polymeric materials and where they are used.

Published: 11-08-2020

Elastomers are plastics that are made from natural or artificial raw materials. These plastics constitute a very large group, but their key common features are: good vibration damping, electrical insulation, resistance to atmospheric conditions and a large range of hardness (depending on the application or use). Their main feature is the ability of reversible deformation, which is formed under the influence of mechanical forces without breaking the continuity of their structure. Complete deformability allows elements to return to their original shapes and dimensions as soon as the impact ceases. They are distinguished by their high resistance to tension, bending and compression.

Within the whole group, polyurethane elastomers are distinguished, which resemble rubber due to their characteristics. Thanks to the low glass transition temperature and the cross-linked amorphous design, polyurethane elastomers can be used to create elements with any shape and unique characteristics.

Use of elastomers

Key applications for elastomers can be found in the engineering, transport, textile and chemical industries. They are great for the production of components that are exposed to high friction forces. They are also used in the production of equipment that may be subject to mechanical damage and for spare parts.

A very important group are silicone elastomers, which are distinguished by virtually total non-flammability. They are primarily used as insulating and connecting elements in the construction industry. They are also used for the production of various types of silicone moulds.

A very important application of elastomers consists in their use for seals in water systems, as well as process engineering.

Elastomers are becoming increasingly popular and are used in various industries. It is used as a product that works with protections and insulation of different surfaces. The use of polyurethane elastomers is a big step for technological changes in the future.

PCC Group Offer

The PCC Group has a wide range of products from the CASE industry, which includes specialized raw materials as well as ready-to-use products. Among them is also a wide range of elastomers.

We particularly recommend the Rokopol® product range, which are excellent as a raw material for the production of elastomers, adhesives, polyurethane sealants. Due to their unique properties, they enable the production of very light elements, which at the same time are resistant to chemical, mechanical and extreme temperatures.

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the offer!

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