What is the essence of safe products?

It would be impossible for today’s world to function without industry... When it comes to the majority of necessity goods, such as food products, cosmetics, medicines or clothing, everybody knows that their supply is based on mass production. If it were not for appropriate conditions, which are often defined and regulated by various norms, standards, and legal provisions, it would be difficult to carry out production in a safe manner that is the least invasive to the environment. So, let’s consider how to properly take care of infrastructure and production lines to offer customers a wide range of safe products in the best possible quality.

Published: 22-07-2020

Safety is crucial to any manufacturing process. The manufacturer must remember to ensure both the safety of the whole process and the safety of workers and products manufactured for final users. One of the most important aspects that determine safety is cleanliness and hygiene. Every industry requires different working conditions, but what is always important is maintaining order and taking proper care of machinery, production lines and infrastructure.

Actions such as cleaning warehouses and production floors, carrying out regular disinfection, cleaning staff rooms and locker rooms or keeping workstations clean, prove to be helpful primarily in maintaining the safety of workers. Thanks to that, workers are not exposed to threats resulting from e.g. leaving sharp tools unattended or slipping on wet or oily stains. It is also important for the manufacturing process itself, as clean and orderly workstations protect workers from accidents that can pose a threat not only to their life and health, but also to the proper course of the manufacturing process.

What is of utmost importance for the safety of products manufactured in a given production facility is a regular cleaning of production lines and industrial machinery.  Special attention paid to equipment ensures a longer service life and operational safety. It is important to do this regularly and use special products for industrial cleaning. When cleaning agents are chosen inappropriately and machinery is cleaned inadequately, it can lead to a situation in which leftovers of undesirable substances get into products. Such substances may pose a risk to the customer or contaminate components of various consumer products. It is of particular importance for example in the food, dairy, cosmetic, pharmaceutical or medical industry.

Particular importance is paid to ensure that products for cleaning production lines are effective and economical to use. However, still another significant aspect is the environment. Industrial cleaning usually requires large quantities of detergents, which simply go into the sewage afterwards. Therefore, when selecting appropriate detergents, it is necessary to pay attention to their biodegradability and toxicity level. Key information in this regard is included in product safety data sheets, which must be carefully read before any chemical is used.

Taking care of cleanliness and using proven industrial cleaning agents is the key to a safe manufacturing process. Its essence is a responsible and controlled use of industrial chemicals, as well as maintaining order in production facilities. Thanks to that, finished products will have a better quality, whereas customers will be more willing to pay attention to proven and safe products.


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