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Plastic packaging – convenient and versatile storage of products

Today, it is difficult to imagine functioning without packaging. They are used in many industrial industries, such as the food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries. Different types of packaging also accompany us in daily life. They are mainly used for storing food, medicine or textiles. They are made of different materials and shaped into appropriate shapes depending on the purpose and needs of end users. But why are plastic packaging still the most popular?

Published: 10-06-2020
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Plastic packaging is primarily characterized by versatility, lightness, good quality material at a relatively low price, as well as the possibility of multiple use.

The important advantages of plastic packaging are:

  • lightness – plastics are characterized by low weight, thanks to which the weight of the packed product is reduced. This results in lower transport costs;
  • strength and durability – plastic packaging is much more robust and durable than other materials. This provides better protection for products inside the packaging;
  • chemical resistance – this feature means the packaging can be used extensively. Chemically inert packaging also allows the storage of various types of products and raw materials of organic and inorganic origin;
  • resistance to the penetration of substances and moisture – the properties characterizing plastics provide protection against the effects of various substances and moisture. They also protect from the release of substances from the inside of the packaging into the external environment.

The packaging market is still developing (read more about chemical raw materials for packaging production). Manufacturers of plastic packaging follow global trends relevant to consumers. Ecology is an important factor here. Therefore, the appropriate raw materials are selected for the production of plastic packaging, which are distinguished by durability and low environmental invasiveness. Thanks to the durability of plastic packaging, they can be used repeatedly and used in various conditions, and then recycled. Manufacturers of plastic packaging are paying more attention to the use of plastics that can be easily processed in the recycling process. An important aspect here is also susceptibility to the biodegradation process.

Materials for the production of plastic packaging

Packaging is made of one material or (comprehensive packaging) by combining two or more different plastics and materials.

There are several basic materials used for the production of packaging, including: LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE, PP, PVC, PET, PS and others. The most frequently chosen materials from which plastic packaging is made are:

HDPE – high density polyethylene. It is used for the production of various types of packaging, depending on the processing method. The used processing is i.a. processing by extrusion (various types of flat and sleeve films for food products), blow moulding (milk and chemical containers), injection moulding (thin-walled containers and buckets) and injection and blow moulding (cosmetics packaging, deodorants, medicines).

PP – polypropylene. It is characterized by similar properties to polyethylene, but it is distinguished by much greater transparency. It is used in the production of moisture-proof packaging, medical packaging and textile packaging.

Plastic packaging has very good chemical and physical properties, which can be further modified using various types of chemical additives.

The PCC Group offer includes not only ready-made packaging, but also products that can act as polymer modifiers. This is i.a. POLIkol series, which is a group of additives used as emulsifiers, dispersants and as wetting agents. ROKAmer products are also perfect as emulsifying and dispersing additives. A significant group of chemical additives are also ROKAnol (LP2023, LP2529, LP27, RZ4P11), which are used, i.a. as low-foaming agents during the production of food packaging.

PCC Group plastic packaging

The PCC Group as a producer of chemical products and plastic packaging, offers its clients a whole range of high-quality packaging products. These are mainly plastic bottles with caps and plastic canisters. The packaging in the PCC Group offer is made of high quality raw materials and designed for convenient use and ergonomic application of the product by the user.

Plastic bottles of the PCC Group come in different colour variants and are offered in different volumes, such as: 0,5 l, 1 l, 2 l and 3 l. The bottles have special features. Some of them have a handle that makes it easy to hold the packaging in your hand. Others have a universal thread that fits a regular cap, but also a pump or pull-push type cap. Plastic bottles are made of HDPE or PP. They are used to store liquids, washing and cleaning concentrates, lotions, dishwasher rinse aid, washing gels, rinsing liquids, bath soap and many other liquid products.

The PCC Group offer also includes plastic canisters with caps. They were designed mainly for cosmetic and household chemistry. They are made of high quality polyethylene (HDPE), which is distinguished by high durability. The composition of packaging contains 10% more basic raw material than other canisters available on the market. As a result, they are characterized by greater resistance to mechanical damage. 5 litres canisters are available in various colours.

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