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Flo Black detergent is innovative product to remove stains from black and dark fabrics. It contains new high qualitative active ingredients. With its effective formula it gently cleans and cares for your clothes while preventing colour fading. It is not irritating to skin which was approved by dermatological tests. It contains natural cotton ingredients. Flo Black leaves a delicate and pleasant floral-fruity scent of apple and jasmine with a long-lasting effect. The specifically developed formula promises a highly effective outcome and removes even stubborn stains. It is suitable at high and low temperatures.

Flo Black Liquid Detergent is suitable for both machine and hand washing. It contains no phosphates or parabens. The formula was created on the basis of specially selected high quality raw materials, including biodegradable surfactants. The product contains environmentally friendly ingredients.

New production installations on which the product is manufactured meet the standards of ISO 4001 and ISO 9001 within the framework of the certified Quality Management system.

Ingredients: 5-15% anionic surfactants, < 5% soap, < 5% EDTA and its salts, < 5% preservatives (Benzisothiazolinone, Methylisothiazolinone), < 5% Fragrance composition.


A) washing in washing machines (4-5 kg), 20°C, 30°C, 40°C, 60°C:

  • Soft to medium-hard water:
    • Light contamination-dosage 50 ml
    • Mean contamination-dosage 80 ml
    • Heavy contamination-Dosage 110 ml
  • Hard water:
    • Light contamination-Dosage 65 ml
    • Mean contamination-dosage 95 ml
    • Heavy contamination-dosage 125 ml

b) Hand wash (5 l water) – dosage 40 ml


  • Garment care instructions, in particular with regard to washing temperatures, should be used.
  • When washing new clothes for the first time, it is recommended to wash them separately.
  • Do not wash dark fabrics with bright and white colors.
  • Mix the liquid thoroughly with water before immersing the fabric.

Available Packaging: 1l, 2l

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Properties and applications:


  • protects dark clothes from colour-loss,
  • gives clothes a fresh and pleasant fragrance,
  • cleans perfectly,
  • contains a natural cotton extract,
  • contains high-quality functional ingredients,
  • free of phosphates and parabens,
  • does not cause skin irritation,
  • based on specially developed formula,
  • dermatologically tested.


  • washing of dark clothes,
  • washing of black clothes.

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Liquid detergent for black fabrics , dark cloth washing liquid , Liquid detergent, delicate laundry detergent,  washing agent, dark color detergent , detergent with dark color protection, detergent with black color protection, color-protective technology, protective fluid against color loss (Hide)


color protection low temperature washing dark colour protection laundry detergent detergent color-protective technology liquid detergent for black color liquid laundry detergent for dark clothes detergent with wool extract liquid laundry detergent at low temperatures black laundry detergent dark laundry detergent effective liquid laundry detergent
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