Chemical name:

Nonionic emulsifier and compatibiliser applied as an auxiliary agent in manufacturing process of PIR/PUR foams


specialty products, specialty additives

Markets and applications:

building & construction, OCF (One component foam), PU insulation systems, sandwich panels




alkoxylated nonylphenols



CAS No.:



EXOstab NP100 is an auxiliary agent used for the production of rigid polyurethane nonylphenol-based foam. The product is provided in the form of clear or lightly murky liquid, with a pour point of 0°C, hydroxyl number of 90 mgKOH/g and functionality of 1. It is recommended for systems, where n-pentane and water constitute foaming agents.

The product significantly improves compatibility of polyol and foaming agent. The additive has a positive impact on the system miscibility by generating emulsion stable over time and substantially limiting the loss of the foaming agent while mixing the preparation. The ready-to-use foam has finer cell structure and is smoother to the touch. The recommended dosage of the product is in the range from 3 to 10% of the polyol mass. The product does not contain any derivatives of silicon.

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Properties and applications:

Advantages of the product:

  • Concentrated emulsifier dedicated to systems based on n-pentane and water
  • Creates stable emulsion in the polyol/foaming agent system
  • Improves miscibility of particular ingredients of PUR systems
  • Increases the content of cells encapsulated in PUR foam


  • Emulsifier used in the production of PUR and PIR foam

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