EXOwet N5 (Ethoxylated alcohol)

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EXOwet N5   (Ethoxylated alcohol)
EXOwet N5   (Ethoxylated alcohol)
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EXOwet N5 is a universal agent for wetting cement grains during the production of concrete. The product has excellent resistance to hard water. It may be used in mixtures with other non-ionic auxiliary agents and in mixtures with anionic and cationic surfactants. The product is also compatible with the majority of concrete admixtures.

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Properties and applications

Advantages of the product:

  • improves efficiency of air entraining and liquefaction additives,
  • strong wetting properties,
  • facilitates dispersion of concrete ingredients,
  • increases the compressive strength of concrete,
  • may be added to different types of mixtures,
  • highly concentrated, 
  • free from alkylphenol ethoxylates (APEO-free).


  • ingredient of concrete admixtures.
Alternative names
Fatty alcohols, ethoxylated, Wetting agent, cement grain wetting agent, non-ionic agent.

Manufacturer: PCC Exol SA

PCC EXOL SA is one of the most important manufacturers of surfactants and chemical formulations in Central and Eastern Europe. The company offers surfactants, specialist additives and chemical formulations for many branches of industry.

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