Chemax NDO-350

Chemical name
Chemax NDO-350
Chemax NDO-350
Chemax NDO-350
Chemax NDO-350
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Chemax NDO-350 is a polymerized water dilutable speciality ester. Chemax NDO-350 provides hydrodynamic lubrication, as well as wetting and corrosion protection. Chemax NDO-350 can help to reduce or eliminate chlorine, sulfur, and fatty acid additives that are used in metalworking to make a more environmentally friendly coolant. Chemax NDO-350 can be formulated into soluble oils, semi-synthetics, synthetics, and drawing and stamping metalworking operations.

Alternative names
Polymerized Ester

Manufacturer: PCC Chemax Inc.

PCC Chemax Inc. is specialized in the production of surfactants and chemical specialist additives used, i.a. in the metallurgical, textile, refinery and mining, and plastics industry.

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