Chemical name:

Aqueous mixture of acrylic-maleic copolymer, sodium salt


specialty products, formulations

Markets and applications:

tanning industry


tanning agents, filling agents for tanning industry, retanning agents for tanning industry






Rofil GZA is a specialist agent used in the tanning industry. It is an anionic product used in the processes of chrome tanning, retanning and leather filling. The product is an aqueous solution of the acrylic-maleic copolymer sodium salt. It is in the form of a clear or slightly turbid liquid, ranging in colour from colourless to pale yellow. The solidification point of the product is about -7°C.

It is characterized by very high solubility in water and good miscibility with basic synthetic and vegetable tanning agents. Rofil GZA is resistant to salts, acids and weak alkaline environment.

The product has a special affinity to mineral chromium and aluminium tannins. As a result, even low concentration of Rofil GZA is sufficient for effective penetration of the tannin into the skin tissue, significantly improving leather’s filling and grain tightness. Rofil GZA contributes to more efficient usage of chromium compounds during the leather tanning bath. Its advantage is its high effectiveness in the case of leathers showing large structural differences, which provides a uniform structure of the material. The use of Rofil GZA also improves leather’s resistance to sunlight.

The product is not classified according to the CLP regulation.

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Properties and applications:

Product advantages:

  • very high solubility in water,
  • good miscibility with synthetic and vegetable tannins,
  • resistance to acids, salts and weak alkalis,
  • facilitates the penetration of chromium tannins into the skin tissue,
  • improves the grain tightness and filling,
  • effective action in the case of leather with large structural differences,
  • increases leather’s resistance to sunlight,
  • product not classified according to the CLP regulation.


  • tanning.

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retanning filling leather tanning
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