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Metallurgical industry

PCC Group offers a wide range of specialty components for the production of industrial greasing agents, processing and cooling liquids, as well as other substances widely used in metal-working processes.

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Metalworking is one of the most significant branches of the global industry. This trade is very demanding as profitability of technical and technological processes is determined by very high capacity at the lowest cost possible.

Published: 21-04-2017

In order to make the metal treatment processes profitable, a number of specialty chemicals is applied in manufacturing processes. These chemicals are not only used in technological processes as refrigerants or lubricating oils. Metals are also subjected to chemical treatment, through which their surface properties can be changed with regard to reflectance, increased thickness and abrasion resistance, corrosion prevention, decorative effect or better adhesion of layers from other treatment processes such as e.g. painting or varnishing.

Products offer for metallurgical industry

The company classifies its products intended for the metalworking industry in four main categories:

  • Synthetic base PAG oils (water-soluble and water-insoluble polyalkylene glycols),
  • phosphoric esters for production of non-flammable hydraulic fluids,
  • Anti-seizing additives and additives increasing resistance to high pressures,
  • components of metal treatment agents: Surfactants (surface active agents) acting as emulsifiers; corrosion inhibitors, anti-foaming agents and ingredients of cleaning formulations.

Products manufactured in modern plants of the companies belonging to the Group provide comprehensive protection of machines and equipment which contributes to the increase of production effectiveness and highest efficiency of chemical formulations used in the production of lubricating greases. Many products from among those offered by PCC are the result of cooperation with business partners. Owing to that, they meet the highest quality standards and guarantee extended service periods for production plants, machinery and equipment. Products bases, which are in the possession of PCC Group, offer perfect conditions for the manufacture of industrial oils and liquids, combining ideal lubricating properties with unique high efficiency.

Application of PCC Group products

Specialty products offered by PCC Group can have many functions in the metalworking processes. The most important are:

  • anionic, non-ionic, cationic and amphoteric surface active agents including (emulsifiers, cleaning and degreasing agents, anti-foaming agents, metal cleaning agents, processing liquids.
  • fire-resistant hydraulic fluids, coolants,
  • agents for hot metal treatment,
  • additives for lubricating oils,
  • gear oils, ecological lubricating oils.

PCC Group combines special market requirements relating to industrial uses of functional liquids with expertise and knowledge of a technical support team. As a result of such combination and the use of research resources, the company offers reliable products and solutions tailored to suit clients’ individual needs.

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