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A new investment of the PCC Prodex in Brzeg Dolny

PCC Prodex set up a new plant producing prepolymers - a group of plastic materials used in different branches of the industry, for example: construction, automotive and furniture.

Published: 3-06-2016

It is one of the three biggest plants in Poland and one of the most modern installations located at PCC in Brzeg Dolny. Annually, it will be able to produce 7,5 thousand tonnes of prepolymers applicable in glues, sport surfaces, elastic polyurethane foams used in the production of mattresses, memory foam pillows and other innovative products.

-The investment undoubtedly will contribute to the dynamic development of the product segment based on isocyanates. A new installation will not only increase the production capabilities in the entire PCC Group but will also enable the entry into new markets and more specialised applications- says Krzysztof Bułka, the President of the PCC Prodex sp z.o.o.

The installation includes nodes for unload tank trucks, external storage tanks, reactors and lines for confectioning finished products. The key advantage of this installation is that the process of prepolymer production can be fully automated enabling high-precision control of the production quality.

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