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PCC Consumer Products Kosmet has introduced the GMP standard

PCC Consumer Products Kosmet Sp. z o.o., the Lower Silesian manufacturer of household chemicals, has introduced the EU standard of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).

Published: 16-08-2016

According to the Regulation of the European Parliament, all manufacturers, importers and distributors of cosmetic products are obliged to place cosmetic products, manufactured in line with GMP, Good manufacturing Practice, on the EU market.

The Regulation ensures the implementation of uniform legal requirements for cosmetics in the whole European Union.

Primarily, GMP guarantees high quality of cosmetic products and a higher lever of consumer confidence.

GMP is a system covering the production, quality control and storage of cosmetic products in accordance with the established quality requirements. The guidelines of Good Manufacturing Practice are provided by the quality system based on ISO 22716. The system of GMP identifies the areas of the company that require supervision, concern production, quality control, hygiene of production, storage and transportation of cosmetic products. One of the requirements of the GMP system is the principle of batch management and implementation of identification code, or batch number. Finished products must be checked for quality with relevant test methods before they are marketed. GMP also formulates the detailed requirements for the staff, who should have appropriate knowledge and skills.

The standards of Good Manufacturing Practice guarantee the high quality and purity of materials used in manufacturing of the product.  They also indicate how to act rationally and use the natural environment in a balanced way.

“We are facing ever greater challenges related to product quality posed by the dynamically developing market. The expectations and needs of consumers are growing, and they are of highest importance to us,” says Andrzej Przychodny, President of PCC Consumer Products Kosmet Sp. z o.o.

Due to strong market competition, both attracting new customers and keeping those most loyal to a given brand requires not only high expenditure on technological development and marketing activities from the manufacturers, but also ensures the highest quality at every stage of the production process.

“We operate according to the latest management systems in design, production and sales,” says Andrzej Przychodny.

PCC CP Kosmet Sp. z o.o. belongs to the group of the largest Polish manufacturers of household chemicals. It supplies its products to the largest retail chains in Poland and abroad. Its clients include global corporations for which the company manufactures branded products as part of commissioned production. The company also produces its own brand. Years of experience and the modern plant make the company one of the strongest players on the market of manufacturers of household chemicals and cosmetics.

The presence in PCC Group and location in the industrial park in Brzeg Dolny ensures direct access both to key raw materials used in the production and to the logistic base. Owing to that, the products are innovative and affordable. Geographical location, on a well-connected transport route linking Poland to Western Europe, is undoubtedly an advantage of the company.

As from 2013, PCC CP Kosmet Sp. o.o. has been an issuer of corporate bonds, listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange (Catalyst).

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