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ROKAtend GL. The new amino acid surfactant from PCC EXOL SA

ROKAtend GL (Laurylglycine sodium salt) is a new product from PCC EXOL S.A. dedicated to the cosmetic industry and belonging to the group of amino acid surfactants.

Published: 24-10-2016

This is a group of surfactants which are components of the formulations of such finished products as shampoos, facial cleansers, shower gels, liquid soaps, lotions, make-up removers and other cosmetic and pharmaceutical products. Numerous tests demonstrate very good hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic characteristics* of these substances. Due to the strong adsorption** on the protein surface, amino acid surfactants help to ensure long-term comfort and softness of the skin. They also significantly reduce the effects of other surfactants, and prevent drying of the skin. Due to their gentle effect on the hair structure and excellent cleaning properties, amino acid surfactants are very often used in the production of high-quality shampoos that give hair soft, silky, shiny and healthy appearance.

In addition to very good performance characteristics, amino acid surfactants are also environmentally friendly, because they are readily biodegradable. Bacterial degradation (as in the OECD 301F test) of the products from this group of substances is faster than in most other commercially available anionic surfactants.

*Comedogenicity – tendency to clog pores, resulting in the formation of blackheads (comedones).
**Adsorption – the process of binding molecules, atoms or ions on the surface or interface of the physical phases, causing local changes in concentration. Adsorption should not be confused with the absorption, which is the process of penetrating into the interior of the phase.

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