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Modern polyurethane insulation systems manufactured by PCC Prodex and PCC Therm, offered on the market under the name Crossin Insulations, were among the "Golden Seven of the Construction Industry." Companies and products distinguished in the ranking are recommended for innovation and the highest quality in the industry.

Published: 11-04-2016

The editorial staff of TV EXPO, based on the opinions of renowned experts awarded companies which can, in an uneasy economical situation, put stress on the development of technology, innovation and in consequence the highest quality of their products.

"The place of Crossin Insulations brand in the "Golden Seven in 2016" is a result of work on innovative products with unique qualities and applications. It motivates us to work further on the implementation of innovation and thus built our position as a leader in the insulation brand." - comments Krzysztof Bułka, the President of PCC Prodex.

The award of "Golden Seven of the Construction Industry" was awarded by the Editorial staff of the TVPEXPO website in cooperation with national information channels: TVP INFO, POLSAT NEWS and TVN 24.

Annually there are about 20 editions of the Golden Seven, covering each branch of the market. In each branch seven companies are awarded which stand out in a given sector. This way the organizers create a catalogue of the most innovative companies and highest quality products in a very wide spectrum of industries.

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