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We have the winners of the Project of the Year 2015 contest

The contest was organized by PCC Capital Group including the biggest chemical companies in Lower Silesia, such as: PCC Rokita and PCC Exol, both listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. The Contest is directed at employees of R&D and technological departments.

Published: 4-04-2016

Rosulfan A took the first place – it is a chemical compound created by a team of researchers from PCC Exol SA. Thanks to it, cleaning products now have a very mild effect on the skin, while maintaining high cleaning properties. Using the innovative technological solutions places PCC Exol SA among the leading global manufactures of surface active agents.

Second place went to PCC Prodex, a subsidiary of PCC Rokita, for a unique block application, acquired from rigid polyurethane foam. Inventing this product fills a niche on the construction market. The foam has an application in insulation systems, for insulating buildings with highly fireproof boards. Due to using system with very good thermal stability, on an unprecedented temperature scale, it became a competitive product for other insulation materials used in construction, such as mineral wool and styrofoam.

Third place was awarded for the new application of a low foaming specialized surfactants.  Work of PCC Exol SA employees is a range of low foaming products, with excellent moisturising qualities, acting as auxiliary substances in key textile processes. The greatest recipient is the textile industry.

It’s worth noting that all products were developed according to own research concepts.  And customer reviews prove that they match and even exceed in quality products of the biggest world manufacturers. Their unique composition makes them unparalleled among their competition. The aim of the contest was to promote innovation and development of new technologies in the companies. Motivating and rewarding employees for their creative research projects, which will bring measurable profits to the company. In the last 5 years the submitted projects brought PCC Capital Group markups at the level of almost 150 million PLN.

In the evaluation of the submitted projects we assessed mainly innovation of the solutions, but also the financial effectiveness played a great part, a guarantee of no threat to natural environment and the influence of the solutions on safety.

First time this year we have also given the awards in the category of a “Researcher of the year” and “Optimization of the year.”

Awards for the sixth time have been given as an official ceremony in Wrocław.



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