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Rokamina K30 B wins laurels!

In November this year, one of the products of the company PCC EXOL SA was awarded with "Laur Eksperta" quality sign in the category of Industrial chemistry. Rokamina K30 B is an amphoteric surfactant with perfect parameters and the highest level of biodegradability - 100%. It is mainly used in production of cosmetics and personal care products.

Published: 24-03-2016

"Laur Eksperta" is a Polish contest and consumer advice programme, the aim of which is to award the best products, brands and services available on the Polish market. The quality sign in "Laur Eksperta" contest is awarded by the Jury composed of scientists from the best Polish universities. The Programme's organiser is Instytut Zarządzania i Rozwoju Jakości [Quality  Management and Development Institute] in Katowice. For us, this award is a source of motivation to constantly increase the quality of our products and attractiveness of the Company's offer. We achieve it by innovations in production technology as well as searching for new applications for our products.

It is worth emphasising that impact of the chemicals on the natural environment is an essential aspect in the process of awarding quality signs. Rokamina K30 B is a completely biodegradable product which received a positive attestation of the European organisation ECOCERT.

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