EXOsoft L3/40 (Disodium laureth sulfosuccinate)

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EXOsoft L3/40 (Disodium laureth sulfosuccinate)
EXOsoft L3/40 (Disodium laureth sulfosuccinate)
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EXOsoft L3/40 is an anionic surfactant (INCI name: Disodium Laureth Sulfosuccinate.) The product is a light yellow to yellow liquid characterized by about 40% of dry matter. It differs from SULFOBURSZTYNAN L3 / 40 mainly in the type of preservative. The product contains a milder and more desirable preservative in the cosmetics industry - sodium benzoate. It has excellent washing properties, generates effective foam and is gentle on the skin and eyes. EXOsoft L3/40 has hydrotropic properties, thanks to which it stabilizes the formula and gives it a clear, transparent consistency. 

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Properties and applications

Product advantages:

  • good cleaning properties,
  • anionic surfactant with a mild skin effect,
  • reduces irritant effects in SLES formulations,
  • foam enhancer and stabilizer in personal hygiene products,
  • shows a hydrotropic effect.


  • shampoos,
  • shower gels,
  • bath gels,
  • shaving creams,
  • liquid soaps,
  • face washing products,
  • body and face scrubs,
  • hair sprays,
  • conditioners and hair straightening products,
  • anti-acne and anti-aging preparations,
  • make-up products,
  • intimate hygiene liquids,
  • dishwashing liquids,
  • laundry detergents.
Alternative names
Disodium laureth sulfosuccinate, SLS, disodium salt, anionic surfactant, cleansing agent.

Manufacturer: PCC Exol SA

PCC EXOL SA is one of the most important manufacturers of surfactants and chemical formulations in Central and Eastern Europe. The company offers surfactants, specialist additives and chemical formulations for many branches of industry.

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