Dimethyl ether (99.99 %)

Dimethyl ether (99.99 %)
Dimethyl ether (99.99 %)
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Dimethyl ether is an organic compound  from the group of ethers. It is a colourless gas with a characteristic odour, moderately soluble in water.

The product in aerosol is used as a propellant (factor for discharging content). It is used instead of the previously applied CFCs, as it has no harmful effect on the ozone layer. The product is therefore environmentally friendly. In addition, 100% of the energy needed to produce dimethyl ether comes from renewable sources (solar and wind energy).

DME in the aerosol present in a concentration of not less than 99.99%. It is produced in the dehydration of methanol followed by DME rectification.

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Properties and applications

Household chemicals and aerosol cosmetic products

Advantages of use:

  • very good solvent for polymers in hairsprays. It provides gentle dispersion of the product from the can,
  • highly compatible with hydrocarbon propellants (propane, butane, propane-butane, pentane),
  • very good solubility in water.

Lacquers and spray paints

Advantages of use:

  •  it is both a propellant and a solvent,
  • rapid evaporation of DME ensures faster drying,
  • dimethyl ether minimizes the formation of streaks,
  • creates a homogeneous layer,
  • reduces the use of a paint to achieve similar effect,
  • it has a higher partial pressure than the in case of propane or butane.

Assembly foams

Advantages of use:

  • ideal propellant,
  • very good solvent for the fluoropolymer,
  • extends the life of the finished product,
  • good for controlling viscosity and structure of the foams,
  • a formula containing dimethyl ether may optimize winter formulations.

Foamed polystyrene foams

Advantages of use:

  • avoiding the additional use of other solvents (ethanol, acetone),
  • may be used instead of freon, lowering the production costs,
  • the high distribution rate makes it suitable for production of boards with a lower density, reducing the production costs,
  • allows the production of boards of greater thickness (up to 100 mm and above), which have improved compressive strength,
  • improves the thermal insulation properties,
  • helps to reduce CO2 emissions to the atmosphere.
Alternative names
Dimethyl ether, methyl oxide, methoxy methane, dimethyl ether, methyl ether, DME, dimethylether

Manufacturer: OOO DME Aerosol

DME AEROSOL LLC deals with the production of high-quality dimethyl ether (DME) intended for the production of aerosols. The product is dedicated to, among others, the cosmetics industry, household chemicals and construction.

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