Rokester® 1600 (Polyester polyol)

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PCC PU Sp. z o.o.
Chemical name
Aliphatic-aromatic polyester polyol.
Not classified according to CLP/GHS Regulation Not classified according to CLP/GHS Regulation High efficiency High efficiency Thermal insulation Thermal insulation
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Rokester 1600 is a polyester polyol. It exists in the form of homogeneous liquid. It has hydroxyl value within the range of 150-170 mgKOH/g and dynamic viscosity within the range of 1000-3000 mPas at temp. 25°C. It is characterised by low reactivity.

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Properties and applications
  • polyester polyol of low reactivity,
  • possibility to increase the content in the formulation of one-component foam (OCF) as compared to standard products, 
  • in selected formulations it allows obtaining a significantly higher efficiency of the foam in the can,
  • fully miscible with chlorinated paraffins 45 and 52.

Markets and applications
Building & Construction / Construction adhesives, OCF (One Component Foam)
CASE / Adhesives, Sealants

CASE / Adhesives, Sealants
One-component foams (OCF)
Rigid foams

Polyester polyols

Polyurethanes / Polyester polyols

Alternative names
Aliphatic-aromatic polyester polyol., Aliphatic-aromatic polyester polyol.

Manufacturer: PCC PU Sp. z o.o.

The business range of PCC PU Sp. z o.o. includes production and sales of polyester polyols and prepolymers.

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