Chemstat® G-118/9501

Chemical name
Chemstat® G-118/9501
Chemstat® G-118/9501
Chemstat® G-118/9501
Chemstat® G-118/9501
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Chemstat® G-118/9501 is a distilled, (96% minimum monoester content) glycerol monostearate derived from fully hydrogenated vegetable oil. Chemstat® G-118/9501 is designed for external use in polymer systems requiring surface coating of the additive directly onto the resin pellets. Chemstat® G-118/9501 is also recommended for internal use in flexible PVC applications, general olefin use as an antistat and in EPS applications as a processing aid. Recommended Use Level: Effective at 0.2% to 0.5% use levels. Chemstat® G-118/9501 has US-Food and Drug Administration (US-FDA) approval for indirect food contact at 21 CFR 184.1324

Alternative names
Glycerides, C14-22

Manufacturer: PCC Chemax Inc.

PCC Chemax Inc. is specialized in the production of surfactants and chemical specialist additives used, i.a. in the metallurgical, textile, refinery and mining, and plastics industry.

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