Chemax OP-10

Chemax OP-10
Chemax OP-10
Chemax OP-10
Chemax OP-10
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Chemax OP-10 is commonly used for providing detergent properties to metal cleaning, textile and I&I formulations. In addition, Chemax OP-10 is beneficial as a wetting agents and emulsifiers. This material can be used when moderate to high foaming characteristics can be tolerated. Recommended use level: 0.25 and 0.5%.

Alternative names
POE (10) Octyl Phenol

Manufacturer: PCC Chemax Inc.

PCC Chemax Inc. is specialized in the production of surfactants and chemical specialist additives used, i.a. in the metallurgical, textile, refinery and mining, and plastics industry.

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