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specialty products

Markets and applications:

I&I cleaning, metallurgical industry, metal cleaning


cleansing agents






EXOclean AL is a concentrated, highly alkaline cleaning mixture, intended for professional use. This specialized cleaning concentrate with a pH above 13 is in the form of a clear, low-viscous liquid. In addition, it exhibits very high solubility in water and low freezing point below -20 ° C. These features facilitate transport, storage and handling of the product under process conditions.

EXOclean AL is very effective in dissolving and removing difficult stains from the surface of acid-resistant steels as well as glazed, glass and concrete substrates. The product is intended for cleaning difficult fat deposits, e.g. oils, greases or soot. Due to its composition, it can be used as an agent for internal cleaning of cisterns, pipelines, tanks, and other containers.

The product must be used in the form of a concentrate or in a dilution of 1: 5 to 1: 3, depending on the degree of surface contamination. After dilution, the product can be applied in various ways, e.g. by spraying, with appropriate precautions.

The product works well with defoamers, e.g. EXOantifoam S100. The foam generated during washing may be reduced with a solution of this agent.

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Properties and applications:

Product advantages:

• concentrated mixture with very high pH, low pour point and very high solubility in water,

• high efficiency of dissolving and removing difficult fat deposits,

• designed for surfaces made of acid-proof steel as well as glazed, glass and concrete substrates,

• convenient storage, transport and processing.


• specialised products for internal cleaning of cisterns, pipelines, tanks, containers and other surfaces.


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