Polymax® NPA-15 (POE (15) Nonyl Phenol)

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Polymax® NPA-15 (POE (15) Nonyl Phenol)
Polymax® NPA-15 (POE (15) Nonyl Phenol)
Polymax® NPA-15 (POE (15) Nonyl Phenol)
Polymax® NPA-15 (POE (15) Nonyl Phenol)
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Polymax® NPA-15 is a high foaming electroplating additive that should be used only in applications that can tolerate foam. In matte systems, Polymax®NPA-15 gives good grain refinement over wide current densities. Polymax® NPA-15 adds brightener solubilization and leveling in bright systems.

Polymax® NPA-15 belongs to a line of products developed for plating applications. The Polymax® materials offer a variety of functions in both electroless and electrolytic plating baths. Low treat rates and a diversity of chemistries offer economic and formulation options in numerous types of baths.

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Alternative names
POE (15) Nonyl Phenol, Ethoxylated nonophenol, nonylphenol alkoxylated, POE (15) Nonyl Phenol, CAS 9016-45-9, addition to galvanic processes.

Manufacturer: PCC Chemax Inc.

PCC Chemax Inc. is specialized in the production of surfactants and chemical specialist additives used, i.a. in the metallurgical, textile, refinery and mining, and plastics industry.

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