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specialty products, formulations

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lubricants and functional fluids, hydraulic fluids, mining & drilling, fire resistant hydraulic fluids, refrigeration industry and household appliances, freezing medium


functional fluids, hydraulic fluids






Polikon TEST is a frost-resistant, fire-resistant hydraulic fluid of HFC type and a cooling medium. It is used in the engineering and mining industry, especially as a lubricant in cylinders. Ideal for filling hydraulic power units.

The product is intended for testing, transport and maintenance of hydraulic equipment. It is a mixture of surfactants, glycols, functional additives, water and dyes.

The commercial product contains about 50% of the active substance and is in the form of a green fluorescent liquid. The characteristic colour helps to easily locate leaks in the machines. The product is defined as a fire resistant hydraulic fluid. It provides excellent lubricating properties and a low freezing point.

Due to the presence of functional additives such as corrosion inhibitors, the product exhibits anti-corrosion properties for: steel, aluminium alloys, copper and brass. Polikon Test is mild for seals and, due to the presence of an anti-foam agent, has a moderate tendency to foaming.

Due to its low-temperature characteristics, the product can also be used as a cooling medium in refrigeration systems.

Polikon TEST meets the restrictive requirements for fire resistant hydraulic fluids of the Central Mining Institute of Poland.

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Properties and applications:

Product advantages:

  •  excellent lubricating properties,
  •  non-flammable,
  •  gentle on seals,
  •  contains anti-foaming and anti-corrosion additives,
  •  dissolves very well in water,
  •  can be used at temperatures as low as -35˚C.


  •  lubricant in cylinders,
  •  testing, transport and maintenance of hydraulic equipment,
  •  cooling agent in refrigeration equipment.

Alternative names:

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Water solution of ethylene glycol and propylene glycol with anticorrosive agents and dye; Water solution of ethylene and propylene glycol with the addition of anticorrosive agents and colorant; (Hide)


slow-burning liquids freezing medium cooling hydraulic fluids
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