Speciality products

Specialty chemical products constitute the entire range of substances and chemical formulations for a variety of industrial applications.

Speciality Chemicals are one of the most extensive, and thus the most important segments of the PCC Group activity. It is where, among other, phosphorus-based flame retardants for polyurethane applications, naphthalene derivatives as concrete additives, synthetic base oils and additives for hydraulic oils and lubricants, chemical products for CASE application, speciality surfactants and many other chemical products of various application properties are produced.

Published: 15-03-2017

Phosphorus derivatives products

Our offer of phosphorus derivatives produced in modern installations based on in-house production of phosphorus trichloride and phosphorus oxychloride, includes a range of additional plastics, as concrete plasticisers, flame retardants and stabilisers. Solutions offered by PCC Group are dedicated especially for construction, furniture, transport and mining industries. Plasticisers are especially important in the production of conveyor belts, flooring products, and technical foil and fabrics. Flame retardants, however, are used mainly in thermal and acoustic insulations and in production of mattresses. These are applications with high restrictions regarding flammability.

Naphthalene derivatives products

Naphthalene derivatives produced in PCC Group companies are used the construction industry as superplasticisers, that is additives improving the laying properties of fresh concrete as well as the facilitating the manufacture of plasterboard. Most importantly, they help to reduce the water requirement, thus significantly reducing the production costs of both ready-mix concrete and plasterboard. They also increase the final strength of the ready concrete. Naphthalene derivatives are likewise employed in manufacturing plastics (manufacturing synthetic rubber) and in textile manufacture (colouring processes).

Base oils and other speciality products

PCC Group offers a broad portfolio of products used as base oils and components to produce modern lubricants and functional fluids. The product offer includes synthetic base oils based on polyalkylene glycols and organic phosphorous esters belonging to the group V according to the API classification. In addition to the synthetic base oils, PCC Group is the manufacturer of type AW/EP lubricating additives based on phosphoric esters. They are dedicated to lubricants and hydraulic fluids operating at high temperatures and under high pressure. PCC products have many applications within the highly-developed market for metal working fluids. A wide offer in this field includes i.a. components for speciality surfactants fluids and solubilizing agents. The product portfolio includes also speciality anti-foam agents, emulsifiers and corrosion inhibitors, as well as additives based on alkylphenols dedicated to motor oils.

Speciality surfactants

PCC Group speciality products offer includes also a range of other substances and chemical formulations which have a variety of applications. These include i.a. a whole group of speciality surfactants used both as components of finished products, industrial chemical formulations, as well as additives, auxiliary substances and reagents in many technological and manufacturing processes. Diverse construction of surfactants determines a broad spectrum of their application. PCC speciality products offer comprises of several groups of surfactants which include: anionic, non-ionic, cationic and amphoteric surfactants, as well as mixtures (speciality chemicals formulations). Among them there are products which have a variety of functions and applications. These include wetting agents, dispersants, foaming and anti-foaming agents, emulators, demulsifiers, solubilizers, and other surfactants that are used in practically every industry.

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