Chemical name:

Triisotridecyl phosphite


specialty products, specialty additives

Markets and applications:

building & construction, other applications, CASE, adhesives, coatings, elastomers, paints & coatings, plastics, polymer additives, transportation, other applications


antioxidants, heat stabilizers, thermal & processing stabilizers




PCC Rokita SA Phosphorus Chemistry Business Unit

CAS No.:



Rostabil TTDP is a specialist additive for plastics used as a process stabilizer. It is available in the form of a homogeneous liquid with a characteristic, delicate fragrance. It prevents degradation of polymer materials during processing. Provides thermal protection of polymers, eliminating the effect of yellowing of finished products. Strengthens the colour stability of materials containing pigments and provides transparency of non-pigmented products.

During processing, plastics may decompose, and therefore thermal stabilizers are used to prevent further degradation already at the processing stage. In the context of polymeric materials, the term degradation (aging) is used to determine changes in physical properties caused by chemical reactions. As a result of these reactions, the polymer chain ruptures, which causes a decrease in the molar mass of the macromolecular compound. These changes directly affect the course of the processing process and the functional properties of finished products, i.e. colour, gloss, shade.

Rostabil TTDP is dedicated to PVC processing processes. It works very effectively, extending the thermal stability of the material, which gives the processor more freedom in manipulating temperature and processing time. In addition, the use of a stabilizer ensures the stability of the colour change during the processing process, eliminating the blackening effect of the finished product. Rostabil TTDP is used together with the primary stabilizers (zinc, barium, calcium stearates) with which it has a synergistic effect.

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Properties and applications:

Product application advantages:


  • eliminates the effect of yellowing of materials during processing,
  • enhances the colour stability of polymeric materials containing pigments,
  • provides transparency in non-pigmented materials,
  • prevents degradation processes during thermal processes,
  • acts synergistically with amine and phenolic stabilizers,
  • one of the components of "mixed metals" mixtures in PVC processing,
  •  non-staining properties,
  • no negative effect on the mechanical properties of the material.

Applications :


  • construction (roofing and roofing membranes, window frames, PVC pipes, technical films),
  • textiles (coated fabrics, artificial leather, projection screens),
  • transport (tarpaulins, conveyor belts),
  • automotive (car linings, elements of equipment),
  • electronics (cables and wires).

Alternative names:

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TTDP; phosphorous acid triisotridecyl ester; phosphite; phosphite ester; organophosphite; organophosphorous compound; alkyl phosphite; trialkyl phosphite; (Hide)


stabilizer antioxidant anti-ageing degradation prevention degradation counteraction degradation decomposition ageing discoloration yellowing yellowness yellowness index oxidation induction time accelerated ageing colour change stability multiple processing polymers cross-linking synergist synergy synergism secondary additive secondary additive co-stabilizer phenolic stabilizers additive phenolic stabilizers synergist stearic stabilizers additive calcium stearate zinc stearate barium stearate long chain fatty acids salts higher fatty acids salts mixtures thermal process processing functional properties phosphorus derivatives phosphite thermal stability plastic additives plastics aid PVC PCW polyvinyl chloride poly(vinyl chloride) soft hard dry blends powders granules masterbatches epoxy resins epoxides polyester resins polyesters acrylic resins acrylates vinyl ester resins vinyl esters sprays coatings
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