SyncoPol® EA320

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SyncoPol® EA320
SyncoPol® EA320
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SyncoPol® EA320 is aromatic polyester polyol of molecular weight 320 g/mol with medium viscosity in range 90-160 cPs at 60°C, hydroxyl value 325-375 mgKOH/g, functionality ~2.1. Suitable for sandwich panels, spray foams, laminates, block foams and PIR foams. Its unique characteristics impart superior fire retardancy and low smoke generation to foams formulated with this polyol. The low viscosity of EA320 permits good processability.

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Properties and applications
  • spray Foams for Building and roof,
  • panel insulations as well as laminates,
  • polyisocyanurate foams.



Markets and applications
Building & Construction / Thermal & acoustic spray systems

Rigid foams / Casting foams, Spray foams

Polyester polyols

Polyurethanes / Polyester polyols

Alternative names
Poly (diethylene glycol phthalate), Diethylene glycol phthalate polyester polyol, Glycol phthalate ester base, Phthalate, Phthalate base, Diethylene glycol phthalate Anhydride base polyester polyol.

Manufacturer: IRPC Polyol Co.,Ltd.

IRPC POLYOL Co., Ltd. is a joint venture between PCC Rokita SA and IRPC Public Ltd. The area of the Company's operations are the markets of South East Asia, China and India. Its main scope of activity is the production and distribution of polyols.

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