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Rokolub® 150

PCC Rokita SA / Polyols Business Unit
Chemical name
polyalkylene glycol (PAG)
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Rokolub 150 is a polyether polyol obtained by means of the starter propoxylation. The product has a form of homogenous, clear liquid at the temperature of 25°C. It is water insoluble and it contains BHT-free antioxidants. The kinematic viscosity of Rokolub 150 at the temperature 40°C ranges from 135 to 160 cSt, with very good low temperature properties.

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Properties and applications
  • Product compatible with NBR and EPDM elastomers, which broadens its application range;
  • Based on its very good low temperature parameters Rokolub 150 may be used in adverse weather conditions (pour point Tp<-36°C);
  • Based on its structure the product has reduced tendency for deposit and sludge forming, which improves the cleanliness of the machines and equipment on which it is applied, and it extends its lifetime;
  • Based on its good anti-foaming properties the product it may be used as a component of an anti-foaming agent;
  • Product commonly used for production of hydraulic fluids and oils, lubricating oils for gas compressors and refrigeration compressors;
  • Product used as a component for production of metalworking process fluids;

Markets and applications
Lubricants and functional fluids / Hydraulic fluids, Industrial lubricants

Functional fluids / Hydraulic fluids
Lubricants / Industry gear lubricants
Lubricants and fluids / Release agents

PAG / Water insoluble

Specialty Products / Lubricants & functional fluids

Alternative names
polyalkylene glycol (PAG), polypropylene glycol
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