ROKAmin SR8P4 (C16-18 alkyl amine)

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ROKAmin SR8P4 is a non-ionic surfactant from the group of alkylene oxides adducts to fatty amines. The product is an ethoxylated and propoxylated fatty amine with a carbon chain length of C16 - C18. The product has the form of a yellow to brown liquid with a characteristic odour. The HLB value of the product is approximately 8.8. ROKAmin SR8P4 is well soluble in water and low aliphatic alcohols. 

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Properties and applications

Product advantages:

  •  low foaming properties.
  •  high solubility in water,
  •  good cleaning properties,
  • biodegradable product.


  •  textile industry – dyeing and bleaching of fibres,
  •  industrial and institutional cleaning,
  •  raw material used to obtain quaternised derivatives.

Markets and applications
I&I Cleaning
Textile industry

Bleaching agents
Cleansing agents
Low foaming agent

Alkoxylated fatty amines

Chloralkali, raw materials and intermediates
Surfactants / Non-ionic surfactants

Alternative names
Alkyl amine, C16-18, ethoxylated, propoxylated, PPG-4, PEG-8 Hydrogenated Tallow Amine, N-Tallow alkylamine, methyloxirane, oxirane polymer, Poloxypropylenepolyoxyethylene tallow amine, Polyethoxylated, propoxylated tallow alkylamine, Tallow amine, ethoxylated, propoxylated, Tallowalkylamines, ethoxylated, propoxylated, C16-18 alkyl amine, CAS 68213-26-3.

Manufacturer: PCC Exol SA

PCC EXOL SA is one of the most important manufacturers of surfactants and chemical formulations in Central and Eastern Europe. The company offers surfactants, specialist additives and chemical formulations for many branches of industry.

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