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Rodys LP
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Rodys LP
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Rodys LP is a surfactant being the sodium salt of polycondensates of naphthalene sulfonic acid with formaldehyde. It is offered in the form of light-brown powder, and is characterized by very low water content and low bulk density. The second feature translates into cost savings of transport and storage of the product. It is the equivalent of Rodys L in chemical and application terms.

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Properties and applications

Product advantages:

  • allows obtaining time-stable dispersions with the desired physicochemical properties;
  • allows obtaining a very low concentration of dispersed particles coagulates;
  • general-purpose dispersing agent, especially dedicated to the production of wax dispersions;
  • very low moisture content and low bulk density reduce transport and storage costs;
  • the product is not classified according to the CLP / GHS Regulation.


  • additive to paints and varnishes,
  • plastic additive,
  • emulsion polymerization,
  • textile and textiles,
  • extraction and production of crude oil.
Alternative names
Naphthalenesulfonic acid, polymer with formaldehyde, sodium salt (powder), NSF, SNF, PNS, Sodium salt of polycondensates of naphthalene sulfonic acid with formaldehyde.

Manufacturer: PCC Rokita SA

PCC Rokita SA is one of the largest chemical companies in Poland as well as Central and Eastern Europe. Its activity includes the production of chloroalkali, polyether polyols, polyalkylene glycols and phosphorus derivatives.

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