Greenway – environmentally friendly mobility with the PCC Group

Why are we developing intermodal transport? Because it’s environmentally friendly! Only 0.5% of all greenhouse gas emissions in the EU come from the railway sector. In the PCC Group we use environmentally friendly solutions in transport. What we find to be good and reliable we also recommend to our customers!
Meet Greenway – environmentally friendly mobility, smart transport…

Railway Transport –
one of the Most Environmentally Friendly Transport Methods

Millions of tons of CO2 are released into the atmosphere every day. Transport is one of the primary factors in air pollution growth. However, by making responsible choices and running your business in a sustainable way, you can begin changing that today! Think global, act intermodal! Smart and environmentally friendly transport is a straight road to sustainable growth.

According to the calculations by experts from the European Environment Agency, the average CO2 emissions per tonne-kilometre (tkm) are:

for rail transport
for road transport

This means that by switching from road to rail transport you reduce CO2 emissions to the atmosphere by 124.2 g of CO2 for every tonne-kilometre.

Check how much you can reduce your CO2 emissions to the atmosphere by choosing rail over trucks
Green Chemistry – PCC Greenline®

The PCC Group is one of the leading manufacturers in the European chemicals market. The Group has an entire spectrum of environmentally friendly products in its range, comprising the PCC Greenline® series.

Sustainable Production

Their production process is based on state-of-the-art sustainable technologies. The “Green” products of the PCC Group have various industry certificates that guarantee the highest level of quality and safety for humans and the environment.

Intermodal Services

The PCC Group runs a transport business as well. Its range of intermodal transport services includes railway connections, terminal services and road transport.

Green Transport - Greenway

A significant amount of the intermodal operations of the PCC Group is by environmentally friendly rail transport, which is the responsibility of PCC Intermodal SA.

Informed Customers

Customers increasingly seek sustainable substances and chemical additives. The PCC Group’s green products find their way both to downstream producers operating in various industries, and directly to distributors and retail chains.

An Environmentally Friendly House

The green chemicals produced by the PCC Group are ubiquitous. They arrive in our homes as various materials, devices, equipment, clothing, and via many essential goods offered in local stores and retail chains. Here at the PCC Group we take care to ensure that our products support the development of sustainable technologies in all areas of life.

A Green Planet

Many choices we make every day affect the condition of our planet. It is our home, and we all need to care for it equally. In the PCC Group we try to care for the environment by successively growing our green range and promoting sustainable transport.

300K ton.
In 2019 alone, through the use of intermodal services, the customers of the PCC Group contributed to reducing CO2 emissions to the atmosphere by almost 300 000 tonnes.
166 trees
One tree needs a whole year to combat 6 kg of CO2 emissions. Thus for each 1 tonne of CO2 we need 166 trees!
By running intermodal transport, PCC Intermodal SA has done the work of almost 330 million trees over a 15-year period.
Sustainable Production in the PCC Group

When introducing “green” solutions into a product range, it is important to take into account the origin of the raw materials and the entire production process. Even during the planning stage for a new product, the PCC Group experts consider its raw material composition, production technologies, packaging type, transport options and many other factors. In this way the PCC Group prepares unique products that comprehensively meet the customers’ expectations, including in their environmental aspects.

Green Chemistry – PCC Greenline®
The PCC Group is a key supplier of chemical products on the European market. The Group has an entire spectrum of products in its range belonging to the PCC Greenline® class. They have various “green chemical” qualities. They follow the concept of the 12 principles defined in 1991 by the American scientist, Paul Anastas. See the Greenbook – “Green Chemistry from the PCC Group”

Environmentally Friendly Solution
Creating the ideal formula for a chemical product takes extensive analyses and tests. A design phase must take place before a sustainable chemical product is made, where the selection of the right raw materials is crucial to meet the relevant environmental criteria (high biodegradability, natural origin). Once the formula is completed, it is time for production. The PCC Group has defined the essential aspects of sustainable production of the chemicals in its facilities. The key process elements include using energy-saving technologies (CO2 emission reduction), reducing waste, reducing the use of solvents, etc.
Green Products
A major proportion of the products made in the PCC Group facilities undergo tests and trials, conducted by various organisations and industry certification bodies. They confirm the highest quality and guarantee that restrictive environmental requirements are met both for the products themselves and for their production processes. Some of the certificates obtained for various products in the PCC Greenline® series are: ECOCERT, ECOCERT COSMOS, EU ECOLABEL, GMP, RSPO and A.I.S.E.
Green Transport - Greenway

A significant part of the green way for a product from the producer to the consumer is transport, which for the PCC Group is partly realised by PCC Intermodal SA. This company’s service range covers the organisation of domestic and international transport based on 3 different services:

Rail Connections
The intermodal transport range includes railway transport (container trains). They carry containers with chemicals from the PCC Group between terminals and the largest cargo transfer ports.
Terminal Services
The state-of-the-art terminals of the PCC Group handle the transfer of product containers. From the terminals they travel onward over land or sea. The selection of appropriate means of transport in the PCC Group is based not only on economic factors, but also environmental aspects (see the emissions calculator).
Truck Shipments
An integral part of intermodal transport involves shipments by road. They are coordinated with cargo transports by rail so products can safely arrive on time right at the customer’s door.