Chemical name:

Amides, C16-18 and C18-unsatd., N,N-bis(hydroxyethyl)


specialty products, specialty additives, surfactants, non-ionic surfactants

Markets and applications:

building & construction, plasterboards & gypsum additives, detergents, I&I cleaning, lubricants and functional fluids, hydraulic fluids, metallurgical industry, metalworking, mining & drilling, oil&gas extraction, oilfield, personal care, plastics, polymer additives


emulsifiers, foaming agents





CAS No.:



Oleamide DEA, Rapamide DEA


ROKAmid RAD is a non-ionic surfactant of the alkanolamide group (INCI name: Rapamide DEA or Oleamide DEA). The product is a clear or slightly turbid liquid with a light yellow to yellow colour. ROKAmid RAD is produced on the basis of rapeseed oil. This is a great advantage compared to surfactants based on coconut oil or palm kernel oil, as a stable price of the main raw material guarantees stable prices of the product.

ROKAmid RAD is a less common co-surfactant compared to Cocamide DEA, yet it has better thickening properties. In preparations containing anionic surfactants, ROKAmid RAD acts as a rheology modifier, i.e. a thickener that improves consistency by creating the so-called mixed micelles. It is very effective even in low concentrations. Moreover, in the mixture with anionic surfactants it forms a dense and stable foam both at high and low temperatures. As a washing agent, it removes impurities from the skin and hair surface.

ROKAmid RAD is used as a re-lubricating agent in washing preparations. The washing process removes, among other things, fatty substances, which is why lubricants such as ROKAmid RAD are used to restore the lipid barrier.

In addition, the product has antistatic and emulsifying properties – it is a coemulsifier supporting the emulsifier responsible for producing the emulsion. Due to its synergy with anionic surfactants, ROKAmid RAD is added to concrete admixtures, especially in difficult applications where it improves the aeration level. This non-ionic surfactant can be successfully used in industrial cleaning products together with other non-ionic degreasing agents, e.g. in the oil industry.

Due to its form and dispersibility in water, ROKAmid RAD can act as a lubricant in the production of polyethylene and polypropylene films. Its antistatic properties enable its use in the production process of plastics. In combination with metallic salts, it forms an antistatic additive for foamed polystyrene and impact-resistant polystyrene mixtures. Additionally, it can act as a corrosion inhibitor. As a result, the product is used in waterborne, semi-synthetic and synthetic metalworking coolants and polishing agents.

The liquid form of ROKAmid RAD facilitates product handling (storage, transport, dosing). It also makes it possible to prepare formulations without the need to heat up the substances, which is particularly important in the case of active formulation components that are sensitive to high temperatures.

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Properties and applications:

 Product advantages:

  •  excellent thickening properties,
  •  forms dense and stable foams,
  •  a coemulsifier,
  •  effective at low concentrations,
  •  washing and re-lubricating properties,
  •  antistatic properties,
  •  easy to use,
  •  biodegradable,
  •  stable price of raw material.


  •  cosmetics and detergents,
  •  shampoos,
  •  colouring preparations for hair,
  •  liquid soaps,
  •  washing liquids,
  •  bubble baths,
  •  shower gels,
  •  preparations for hair care,
  •  concrete admixtures,
  •  production of plastics,
  •  metalworking,
  •  extraction of crude oil.

Alternative names:

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Oleamide DEA; dietanolamide of rapeseed oil acids; (Hide)


emulsifier foaming agent alkanoamide I&I cleaning cleaning detergent personal care non-ionic surfactants non-ionic
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