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Reaction product of C8-C12 acid chlorides with glycine and sodium hydroxide
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ROKAtend GL is an anionic surfactant from the group of amino acid surfactants, INCI name: Sodium Lauroyl Glycinate, used mainly in cosmetic applications. This product is manufactured on the basis of biomimetics, i.e. raw materials mimicking naturally occurring chemical compounds and fatty acids - raw materials of vegetable origin. This surfactant is in the form of an aqueous solution with an active content of about 20% and a straw to light yellow colour.

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Properties and applications

Product advantages:

  • anionic surfactant with a very mild effect on the skin and eyes,
  • high foaming properties,
  • reduces the irritating effect of other surfactants on the skin,
  • excellent washing properties,
  • contributes to the feeling of long-term comfort and softness of the skin,
  • due to strong adsorption on the hair surface, reduction of electrostatic charges and binding, it gives a feeling of softness and silky hair,
  • easily biodegradable,
  • based on renewable vegetable raw materials,
  • does not contain preservatives.


  • shampoos, especially very mild shampoos for children,
  • body lotions,
  • shower gels,
  • bath lotions,
  • delicate liquid soaps,
  • cleansers and face care.

Markets and applications
Personal Care

Cleansing agents
Foaming agents

Amino acid surfactants

Surfactants / Anionic surfactants

Alternative names
Reaction product of C8-C12 acid chlorides with glycine and sodium hydroxide, Glycinate, Sodium Lauroyl Glycinate
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