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Roflex T70

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PCC Rokita SA / Phosphorus Chemistry Business Unit
Chemical name
tert-butylphenyl-phenyl phosphate
ADR ADR Halogen free Halogen free high efficiency high efficiency ISO 14001 ISO 14001 ISO 50001 ISO 50001 ISO 9001 ISO 9001 ISO 45001 ISO 45001
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Roflex T70 is a highly specialized additive for plastics. It is in the form of a clear, homogeneous liquid. The product is based on the latest generation of phosphate esters that combine the function of plasticizer and flame retardant. The non-phthalate product meets the highest quality standards, and among phosphate esters it is distinguished by a low environmental classification level. As a result, the Roflex T70 can be used in applications where the key aspect is to minimize the negative impact on the environment and human health and life.

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Properties and applications

Roflex T70 application advantages:

– a lower environmental classification level compared to other phosphate ester based plasticizers,

 – high LOI 32-33% compared to standard plasticizers (LOI 24-25%) based on traditional PVC formulations (50 parts plasticizer, 100 parts PVC),

 – a comparable effect on the plasticization of the material in relation to traditional phthalic and terephthalic plasticizers,

 – the possibility of obtaining a PVC formulation that meets the requirements of UL-94 class V0 test,

 – the possibility of obtaining PVC plastisol formulation for the production of coated fabrics that meets the requirements of DIN 4102-1 class B2,

 – more than 4 times stronger migration resistance compared to standard plasticizers based on traditional PVC formulations,

 – compatibility with plasticizers that do not have a flame retardant function,

 – a product in the form of a clear, homogeneous liquid, enabling use in the production of transparent products.


 – construction (technical films, roofing membranes, floor coverings),

 – electronics (cable and wire insulation),

 – transport (conveyor belts, tarpaulins),

 – textiles (coated fabrics),

 – furniture (artificial leather, projection screens),

 – automotive (car upholstery).


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Furniture / Upholstered furniture
Plastics / Polymer additives
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Alternative names
tert-butylphenyl-phenyl phosphate, TBPP, Phenol, isobutylenated, phosphate (3:1) [CAS#68937-40-6], Reaction mass of p-t-butylphenyldiphenyl phosphate and bis(p-t-butylphenyl) phenyl phosphate and triphenyl phosphate, reaction mass of 4-tert-butylphenyl diphenyl phosphate and bis(4-tert-butylphenyl) phenyl phosphate and triphenyl phosphate [EC# 700-990-0], tert-Butylphenyl diphenyl phosphate [CAS#56803-37-3, EC: 260-391-0], butylated phenol phosphate ester, butylated phenyl phosphate, t-butylphenyl phenyl phosphate, TPP butylated, synthetic triaryl phosphates based on butylated phenol, phosphate ester, aryl phosphate ester, triaryl phosphate ester, tertiary phosphate esters, triphenyl phosphate ester, neutral phosphate ester, synthetic phosphate ester, organophosphate ester, organophosphorus compound, phosphorous chemicals, esters of phosphoric acid, organic salts of orthophosphoric acid
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