Chemical name:

Phenol isopropylated phosphate


specialty products, specialty additives

Markets and applications:

building & construction, other applications, furniture, upholstered furniture, plastics, polymer additives, transportation, other applications






PCC Rokita SA Phosphorus Chemistry Business Unit

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Roflex 65 is a flame retardant plasticizer used in the production of flexible PVC. Roflex 65 is a non-phthalate product, based on phosphate esters, combining the function of plasticizer and flame retardant. The plasticizer effectively moistens the polymer grain, enters the structure of the compound and pushes the polymer chains to form a flexible material. An additional function is the increase of the fire resistance of the material. For this reason, the product is an irreplaceable addition to plastics, where the flammability class and effective plasticity are equally important. Roflex 65 is in the form of a clear, homogeneous liquid. This enables its use in the manufacture of transparent products, i.e. technical films, membranes. It replaces solid additives that cause fogging of the finished material. The product is also highly synergistic with conventional plasticizers, providing excellent mechanical properties of the finished product.

The Roflex 65 plasticizer is characterized by an increased viscosity of 64-75 mPa * s (at 25°C), which is important in the process of forming plastisol pastes. The use of Roflex 65 makes it possible to obtain viscous plastisols that are used in the production of coated fabrics. The product’s advantages can also be successfully used in the processing of synthetic rubber, providing high flexibility along with the appropriate flame retardation of elastomers.

Roflex 65 is a universal product that finds application in many industries, i.e. .:

– construction (technical films, roofing membranes, floor coverings),

  – electronics (cable and wire insulation),

  – transport (conveyor belts, tarpaulins),

  – textiles (coated fabrics),

  – furniture (artificial leather, projection screens),

  – automotive (car upholstery).

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Properties and applications:

Roflex 65 application advantages:

 – high LOI 32-33%, compared to standard plasticizers (LOI 24-25%) based on traditional PVC formulations (50 parts plasticizer, 100 parts PVC),

 – the possibility of obtaining a PVC formulation that meets the requirements of UL-94 class V0 test,

 – the possibility of obtaining PVC plastisol formulation for the production of coated fabrics that meets the requirements of DIN 4102-1 class B2,

– more than 4 times stronger migration resistance compared to standard plasticizers based on traditional PVC formulations,

 – viscosity 64-75 mPa * s at 25°C, a parameter of importance in the production process of plastisol pastes in the production of coated fabrics,

 – compatibility with plasticizers that do not have a flame retardant function,

– the possibility of use in a formulation together with solid inorganic flame retardants to improve the fire class


– construction (technical films, roofing membranes, floor coverings),

 – electronics (cable and wire insulation),

 – transport (conveyor belts, tarpaulins),

 – textiles (coated fabrics),

 – furniture (artificial leather, projection screens),

 – automotive (car upholstery).

Alternative names:

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IPPP; isopropyl phenol phosphate ester; isopropylated phenyl phosphate; isopropylphenyl phenyl phosphate; TPP propylated; synthetic triaryl phosphates based on isopropylated phenol; phosphate ester; aryl phosphate ester; triaryl phosphate ester; tertiary phosphate esters; triphenyl phosphate ester; neutral phosphate ester; synthetic phosphate ester; organophosphate ester; organophosphorus compound; phosphorous chemicals; esters of phosphoric acid; organic salts of orthophosphoric acid; (Hide)


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