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Ekoprodur 2232W

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Chemical name
Formulated mixture of polyols and isocyanates
Certificate of Health Quality Certificate of Health Quality Energy-saving production technology Energy-saving production technology Hydro-insulation Hydro-insulation Lightweight polyurethane insulation Lightweight polyurethane insulation Thermal insulation Thermal insulation
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EKOPRODUR 2232W is a polyurethane system that includes two key components. The first of these is a polyol mixture in the form of an oily liquid with a light colour (from straw to yellow). The second component is a mixture of aromatic polyisocyanates, which is a thick, dark liquid with a brown colour. Both components are free of suspensions. The important information is that the second component easily absorbs moisture and undergoes crystallization.

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Properties and applications
  • good flow rate of the system enables obtaining effective insulation;
  • production of a durable insulating material with stable parameters over time and a wide application range;
  • production of a thermal insulation material with optimal thermal conductivity required for insulation of industrial tanks;
  • production of insulating material with good adhesion directly on the insulated surface of the tank;

Markets and applications
Refrigeration industry and household appliances / Boilers, Industrial coolers, Refrigerators

Rigid foams / Casting foams


Polyurethanes / Poliurethane systems

Alternative names
Formulated mixture of polyols and isocyanates
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