Ekoprodur® 0945 Polyurethane system

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Ekoprodur® 0945 Polyurethane system
Ekoprodur® 0945 Polyurethane system
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EKOPRODUR 0945 is designed to produce continuous louvers and blinds filled with foam. The system can be processed with both low- and high-pressure foaming machines. The density of the foam in the finished product should be not less than 55 kg/m³. EKOPRODUR 4540W system consists of two components. The first component, called component A (EKOPRODUR 4540W) is a polyol mixture in the form of oily liquid with straw to yellow colour, without suspensions. Component B (Ekoprodur B) is a mixture of isocyanates. It is a thick brown liquid, containing no suspensions. Due to its high moisture sensitivity (hygroscopicity) it quickly crystallizes when exposed to moisture.

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Properties and applications
  • possibility of obtaining high-quality blinds and slats, characterised by very good mechanical resistance while maintaining high quality parameters;
  • good adhesion of foam to various materials used for manufacturing blinds;
  • high mechanical resistance, which makes the profile resistant to bending;
  • possibility of adapting the dimensional stability, making parameters of the profile stable during operation;

Markets and applications
Building & Construction / Other applications


Rigid foams

Polyurethanes / Poliurethane systems

Alternative names
Polyurethane, PU, PUR, spray insulation, polyurethane insulation, spray foam system, thermal insulation, waterproofing, structural reinforcement, ecoprodur, rigid closed-cell foam, two-component polyurethane system, polyurethane protective coating, thermal insulation, seamless spray insulation, soft lagging, pipe insulation, roller shutter filling, lamella filling.

Manufacturer: PCC Prodex Sp. z o.o.

PCC Prodex Sp. z o.o. is a long-term manufacturer of one and two-component polyurethane systems used, for example to produce rigid and semi-rigid insulation materials, insulating spray foams or various types of glue.

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