Chemical name:

Formulated mixture of polyols and isocyanates


polyurethanes, poliurethane systems

Markets and applications:

building & construction, construction adhesives, other applications, pipe-in-pipe insulation, wire & cable insulation


insulation, rigid foams, casting foams




PCC Prodex Sp. z o.o.


EKOPRODUR V 600 is a two-component system for preparing polyurethane foams with high mechanical strength for the mobile filling of gaps/voids. EKOPRODUR V-600 system consists of two components. The first component (component A - EKOPRODUR V 600) is a polyol mixture in a form of oily liquid with a straw to yellow colour and without suspensions. Component B (EKOPRODUR B) is a mixture of isocyanate as a thick brown liquid, without suspensions. Due to its high moisture sensitivity (hygroscopicity) it quickly crystallizes when exposed to moisture.

The system can be processed on-site where it is used by using a high speed agitator (at least 900 rpm) or spraying foaming machines.

EKOPRODUR V-600 does not contain foaming agents that deplete the ozone layer, which is pursuant to European Union rules on trading and use of controlled substances – Regulation (EC) No 1005/2009 of 16 September 2009.

Main application advantages of the product:

  • filling voids at the application site,
  • ease of application at the application site,
  • high density of foam, suitable for structural elements.
  • excellent operational properties (especially mechanical)
  • the product is safe for the ozone layer,
  • high dimensional stability during operation,
  • possibility of filling voids of various volume (from 40 to 2000 dm3).

Mechanical properties of the foam system:

  • Thermal conductivity coefficient (λ), the initial value: 0.028 W/(m·K) (PN-EN 12667:2002)
  • Flammability class: B3
  • Closed cell content: ≥ 93% (PN-EN ISO 4590:2005)
  • Abrasion: 1.28%
  • Compressive stress at 10% relative deformation: 660 kN (PN-EN ISO 826:2013)
  • Operational temperature: -30 ÷ 110°C
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Properties and applications:

  • the main advantage of the product is the possibility of using it directly at the target application site;
  • the product has a wide range of applications for fill the voids/gaps in the construction and industrial sectors;
  • its high-density provides the filled element with high insulating properties, and make it a durable structural element;

Alternative names:

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Polyurethane; polyurethane system; PU; PUR (Hide)


polyurethane system rigid foam PUR foam pouring foam ekoprodur
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