Rokopol® F3000

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PCC Rokita SA / Polyols Business Unit
Chemical name
Glycerine-based block copolymer on propylene oxide and ethylene oxide.
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Rokopol® F3000 is a polyether polyol produced in the KOH technology. It exists in the form of homogeneous, clear liquid. It contains antioxidants (excluding BHT). It has hydroxyl value within the range of 53-59 mgKOH/g and dynamic viscosity within the range of 460-520 mPas at temp. 25°C.

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Properties and applications
  • compatibility with reactive polymeric polyols extends application options,
  • possibility to obtain flexible foams with excellent parameters of density, elasticity and tear resistance,
  • production of standard foams and standard fire-retardant foams (CME),
  • product application in furniture and automotive sectors, and as component in acoustic insulations.

Markets and applications
Furniture / Mattresses & cushions, Upholstered furniture
Raw materials and intermediates
Transportation / Cockpits, headlining, steering wheels, Filters, Seats, headrests, armrests

Flexible foams / Combustion modified conventional foams, Conventional foams

Alkoxylated alcohols
Polyether polyols / Triols

Polyurethanes / Polyether polyols

Alternative names
Glycerine-based block copolymer on propylene oxide and ethylene oxide., Propoxylated glicerol, 1, 2, 3-propanetriyltris[hydroxypoly(oxy-methyl-1, 2-ethanediyl)].
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