How do you look after your car during and after winter?

Everyone likes it when things maintain their brand-new look. It is the same for cars. What is the best way to look after them? What should you use to clean and protect the different parts? The answer to these questions can be found in the article below.

Published: 7-04-2021

A car is like a business card

The condition of your car says something about you, so you should make sure to keep it clean. Melting snow in late winter and early spring is particularly unforgiving for your car’s appearance, and now is the time to give it extra attention. Doing something about the cleanliness also affects the car’s technical condition. For this reason we decided to give instructions on how to take care of your car.

Bodywork makes the first impression

A dirty car is an unpleasant sight, especially in winter and early spring. Not only does your car collect more dirt but it also accumulates the salt which can corrode the body and the parts of the suspension. Cleaning your car is therefore not just about the looks but also its technical condition. An automatic car wash is a simple way of making sure the bodywork is clean. These can often be found at fuel stations, but they are not such a good choice because they can scratch the paintwork (especially for newer cars, where water-borne paints are used, often in thin layers). An accessible solution, and one that does not damage the paintwork, is a self-service car wash. Here there is a pressure washer and the main cleaning agents are detergents or active foams. They also feature programmes that include a shampoo, wet waxing or demineralised water polishing. The basic service worth considering is one that includes the above-mentioned detergents and foams. Active foam can also be used at home if you have a pressure washer or hand foamer. For manual washing you should avoid using brushes – just as with automatic car washes their hard bristles can easily scratch the paintwork. In order to clean the dirtiest areas, all you usually need to do is spray them with active foam once more and rinse.

Rims – a detail that changes everything

As far as visuals are concerned, rims are only a small detail. But even a minor thing can completely change the appearance of your vehicle, so it is important to clean these as well. Rims are often the dirtiest part of a car because, as an element of the wheel, they are the closest to the ground. They are also close to the brakes. So cleaning them can be difficult. If you clean your car regularly, a thick layer of active foam and a brush should be enough. For stubborn residues you can use cleaning solutions known as “Bleeding Rim”. These de-ionisers allow you to remove metallic residues that form as a result of wear to the brake pads and discs.

The driver’s realm – the interior

The area you get to see the most in your car is the interior. This means you should take especial care of it Cleaning the interior is even more important than the bodywork because it involves our hygiene. As part of using a car you touch various surfaces, which are often dirty, transferring the dirt to the steering wheel, switches or the gear lever. Cleaning these is even more important due to the ongoing pandemic – check disinfectants offer. The best way to clean the dashboard and other plastic elements is to use a dedicated cloth and foam. A small brush may also be useful for those hard-to-reach areas. Parts such as the steering wheel, switches, door handles and the gear lever can also be disinfected with appropriate agents. Caring for the upholstery is determined by the material from which it is made. Fabric can be cleaned with regular products for such materials (not necessarily car care products), and in case of heavier soiling a vacuum washer can be helpful as well. Leather upholstery requires more attention. Specialised products allow you to clean leather without the risk of it drying out (dry leather exposes it to further damage). Keeping the windows clean is also crucial for maintaining visibility in all directions. Here all you need is a regular window cleaning solution.

Pleasant tidiness

Effective car care requires time and knowledge, but it is not complicated. A clean car, inside and out, always makes it more enjoyable to use. PCC Group offers a whole range of products helpful in keeping your car tidy. The product portal also contains resources intended for manufacturing car care solutions.

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