ROKO® PROFESSIONAL M1 SUPERLACTIC Preparation for spray disinfection

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PCC Consumer Products Kosmet Sp. z o.o.
Chemical name
Mixture of chemical compounds
ADR ADR Biocidal product Biocidal product Biocidal and virucidal preparation Biocidal and virucidal preparation Spray disinfection Spray disinfection High efficiency High efficiency High pure High pure Universal product Universal product
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ROKO® PROFESSIONAL M1 SUPERLACTIC Preparation for spray disinfection is a preparation for professional and highly effective spray disinfection of various types of surfaces and devices with and without contact with food in food industry enterprises and farms (outside the cultivation cycle), in public places, catering establishments. It is bactericidal, sporicidal and fungicidal (only for devices). Virucidal against norovirus and rotavirus; to disinfect water intended for human and animal consumption in drinking water storage and supply systems, or to protect it against secondary contamination with microflora. For the disinfection of rinsing water in the meat, poultry, dairy and fruit and vegetable industries.

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Properties and applications


  • contains active oxygen and stabilized L (+) per lactic acid as an oxidizing biocide;
  • has fungicidal and bactericidal, virucidal and sporicidal properties;
  • the full bactericidal effect is achieved after 5 minutes from application;
  • does not contain chlorine and chlorine derivatives;
  • does not contain surfactants;
  • economical to use;
  • reduces the drying of the meat;
  • reduces the oxygen demand of industrial wastewater;
  • does not need to be rinsed – it decomposes into chemically neutral substances.


  • disinfection of various types of hard surfaces, disinfection of rinsing water in plants: dairy, poultry, meat, fruit and vegetables;
  • disinfection of surfaces in contact with food and animal feed;
  • disinfection of drinking water tanks;
  • cleaning of ventilation systems, water reservoirs and drinking water supply systems;
  • disinfection of drinking and swimming pool water.

Markets and applications
Food industry / Cleaning products for installations in food industry, Disinfection products
I&I Cleaning
Water & Wastewater treatment / Wastewater treatment, Water treatment

Cleansing agents
Disinfectants and biocides
Low foaming agent


Specialty Products / Formulations

Alternative names
Mixture of chemical compounds, Mixture of chemical compounds, Spray and immersion disinfectant, biocide, biocide, disinfectant, virucidal.
Manufacturer: PCC Consumer Products Kosmet Sp. z o.o.

PCC Consumer Products Kosmet is one of the largest Polish manufacturers of ready-to-use chemical formulations, including cosmetics and personal hygiene products, disinfectants, household and professional chemistry.

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