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specialty products, formulations

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tanning industry


tanning agents, fat liquoring agents






Roksol ST6 is an anionic agent for lubrication of chrome tanned leather in the tanning industry. It is a mixture of anionic emulsifiers and chlorinated organic compounds. The product is in the form of a viscous, brown liquid. In water it forms a milky O/W emulsion (oil in water).

Roksol ST6 is resistant to oxidation and sunlight. It can be mixed with all anionic and non-ionic lubricants. If the appropriate ratios are applied, it is also possible to mix Roksol ST6 with cationic lubricants during the preparation of the so-called multi-charged compositions.

Roksol ST6 has a good hydrophobic effect and moderate equalising effect, due to which it has a high ability to soften the chrome tanned leather. The use of the product enables obtaining pure and vivid colours when dyeing skins with anionic dyes. The product also has a slight ability to emulsify crude fats. However, the high content of emulsifying ingredients in the product (about 80% calculated as a dry residue after drying the product) does not require the use of additional amounts of hydrophobic ingredients, such as crude oil, spindle oil, etc.

Due to the strong softening effect on the chrome tanned leather, it is not recommended to strengthen this effect with crude fats. The high rate of absorption of Roksol ST6 greasing components by chrome tanned leather does not usually require a change in the physical parameters of the greasing process used.

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Properties and applications:

Product advantages:

  • strong softener for chrome tanned leather,
  • has a hydrophobic and equalising effect,
  • resistant to oxidation and sunlight,
  • compatible with anionic and non-ionic lubricants.


  • tanning.

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Mixture of anionic emulsifiers, reaction products of tallow with diethanolamine and maleic anhydride, and chlorinated aliphatic substances (Hide)


fat liquoring leather tanning
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