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MagaHomes container houses – a modern solution tailored to your needs

Shipping container houses a few years ago were new on the market. They gained particular popularity in the United States and Scandinavian countries, and this trend has already reached Poland. Currently, they are an interesting alternative to buying a flat or building a traditional home.

Published: 13-06-2018
sea container with windows

So what makes it worth choosing a modular house made of a container?

How is a shipping container house created?

The basic element of construction is the end-of-life shipping containers. They can be combined in a variety of ways to achieve the desired living space. Of course, it is necessary to install thermal insulation of walls and roof, which will ensure proper thermal conditions both in winter and in summer. For this purpose, polyurethane materials are most often used, which are characterized by excellent insulating parameters and high durability. The next step is to make electrical and plumbing installations and finish the interior. Finally, there is only the choice of location and connection of the media left to be considered.

What to know about container houses?

One of the undoubted advantages of modular homes is their mobility. Thanks to specially designed connections between individual containers, such a house can be quickly dismantled and transported to the new location by crane. Therefore, it is not necessary to purchase land, which significantly reduces the investment costs. If we decide to change the location of a container house frequently, then there is no need to prepare foundations. This is a particularly advantageous option for people who often change their place of residence. An important advantage is also the time - in the case of a traditional residential home, the construction usually lasts several months, while the houses made of shipping containers are ready to live within a few weeks.

MagaHomes - new on the Polish market

Shipping container houses are one of many possibilities if you are thinking of having your own "four walls". To sum up their advantages, this option is definitely worth considering, especially that the availability of such solutions on our domestic market is growing.

Container houses are recently available in the offer of PCC Rokita SA under the name MagaHomes. We offer modular homes both in "turn-key" and “builder’s finish” states, which allows them to be adapted to individual requirements. You can read more about it on the website.

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