Professional chemicals for dishwashers – for your beautifully clean dishes

Huge piles of dirty dishes are the bane of every member of the household. In comparison, how would large restaurants serving several hundred people a day or crowded bars cope without dishwashers is difficult to imagine. Today a dishwasher is essential equipment for many of us, but to ensure it continues to serve us well we need to choose suitable cleaning products for it. Below we present groups of efficient dishwasher products, designed to be effective at home and in professional environments.

Published: 1-10-2020

Dishwasher gels

The most popular products for the dishwasher come in the form of tablets or cubes, although gels are becoming equally popular as it is quick and easy to dose a product when in the form of a gel. Thanks to their formula they can be used to clean without leaving limescale or smears, and especially without damaging the surface finish. They may contain cleaning/dispersal agents, oxygen-based bleaches, non-ionic surfactants, enzymes, as well as corrosion inhibitors.

The PCC Group’s portfolio includes products that work well in gel formulations intended for dishwashers. One such product is ROKAnol L5P5, a non-ionic surfactant, distinguished by very good moistening and detergent properties. It is also characterized by a several-fold lower foaming capacity.

Other agents include EXOlat C40 and EXOlat ZA, both of which are organic polymers. They prevent limescale build up and strengthen the detergent action.

Rinsing agents

To achieve perfectly glossy dishes we use specially formulated rinsing agents, intended for use during the rinsing cycle. These auxiliary products prevent the residues of water, soluble salts, minerals and other elements from remaining on your dishes. The main component of such agents are low foaming non-ionic surfactants from the group of ethoxylated and propoxylated fatty alcohols or block copolymers.

The surfactants contained in them reduce the surface tension of the water and improve moistening on hydrophobic surfaces. Improved moistening performance results in a reduced tendency for water droplets to form on surfaces after rinsing, which then leave damp patches and stains.

Other components of the rinsing agents include: complexing agents and hydrotropes.

Dishwasher cleaning agents

To ensure the long and proper operation of your dishwasher it is important to clean it regularly. Efficient cleaning agents help extend its life and improve the quality of its operation. Grime accumulating in it may end up on our dishes, so that they remain dirty after being washed.

With growing consumer awareness of matters related to the household, the range of professional solutions found on store shelves continues to widen. One such product is the two-component dishwasher liquid detergent. It deals well with accumulated fat, removing limescale and unpleasant smells, including from within the dishwasher itself. It is highly effective even in the deepest, impossible-to-reach places, such as the heating elements or spray arms. Liquid detergents of this type are subject to testing, utilizing the dynamic degreasing method. The degreasing effects are already visible within 2 minutes, when subject to initial assessments.

Remember to use effective products, distinguished by the highest quality. A proven formulation also ensures full safety. This is very important not just for the service life of the dishwasher, but also for your health. We encourage you to explore our specifically created catalogue, from the PCC Group specialists, which includes the raw materials used in popular formulations of dishwasher products. All products in the PCC Group portfolio are available through the Product Portal.

Chemical formulations for dishwashers

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