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specialty products, formulations

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tanning industry


tanning agents, filling agents for tanning industry






Rozin MC is a resin filling agent for chrome-tanned soft leather. The product is a homogeneous light brown liquid. It has a low solidification point of about -27°C, which facilitates transport, storage and application under various conditions. Its characteristic properties include the ability to provide a smooth and tight grain of the leather. This feature occurs not only in the case of moderate temperatures of filling baths (40-45°C), but also high temperatures (55-60°C). This enables the product to be used in all types of compact filling methods for chrome tanned leather.

Rozin MC has the ability to fill in the side parts of the leather and makes it easier to obtain a good finish of both the flesh and grain layer. It has a moderate whitening effect, which enables it to be used in addition to whitening synthetics for filling white leather. Rozin MC works well with traditional retanning agents such as vegetable, synthetic and chromium tannins. Its softening effect is stronger compared to other fillers. Rozin MC is used for all types of chrome tanned leather, especially leather for outer part of footwear, finished with the natural grain layer being preserved. It can be used at all stages of finishing baths for chrome tanned skins, i.e.:

  • during mineral retanning together with chromium or aluminium tannin in the amount of 4-8% of the commercial product,
  • in the process of neutralization of chrome tanned leather in addition to ordinary deacidifying agents in the amount of 3-5%,
  • during re-tanning and anionic filling of chrome tanned leather in addition to other filling agents in the amount of 7-14% depending on the type of leather and the required degree of filling.

In special cases, when very intense leather colours are required, Rozin MC can only be used for filling during the lubrication phase. MC Solution solutions can be mixed with solutions of most of the auxiliaries used in wet leather finishing processes (synthetic tanning agents, dispersants, resin fillers and anionic fats). The possibility of mixing with cationic fats needs to be verified on a case-by-case basis.

Mixtures of Rozin MC with tanning chromium salts have a shelf life that enables using the product in chrome tanning or retanning processes. Storing the solution of Rozin MC with tanning chromium salts for more than 10 hours results in opalization and formation of spongy precipitate.

Mixing the solution of Rozin MC with the solution of the mimosa extract leads to the formation of a very fine sludge, suspended relatively permanently in the whole volume of the mixture. This property does not limit the possibility of using the product in the mixture with mimosa extract in the processes of filling chrome tanned leather. On the other hand, acidification of the solution causes the precipitation of resin, where the amount of precipitate formed depends on the type and amount of added acid.

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Properties and applications:

Product advantages:

  • the ability to give a smooth and tight grain to filled leather,
  • can be used in all compact filling methods of chrome tanned leather,
  • makes it easier to obtain good finish of both the flesh and grain layer,
  • low freezing point,
  • moderate bleaching effect,
  • works well with traditional retanners,
  • can be mixed with solutions of most additives.


  • tanning.

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Mixture of condensation products of amine resins with polyhydroxy alcohols and aqueous solution of polycondensate sodium salts of formaldehyde naphthalenesulfonic acids; Reaction product of dipropylene glycol, urea, formaldehyde and melamine; (Hide)


filling leather tanning chrome tanning
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