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Mining & Drilling

The mining industry in the scope of solid natural resources consumes significant amounts of chemicals used to support the process of minerals extraction or processing.

Some of these chemical products are produced in modern plants of PCC Group and have been recognized for years by many companies operating in the mining industry.

Published: 5-05-2017

Preparations for wetting of coal dust

ROKSOL TDNF is an example of a chemical product used in the mining industry. It removes dustiness in mines by wetting coal dust, deprives it of volatility and prevents explosions in mines. Respirable dust (including coal dust) is very dangerous due to explosive properties and adverse impact on human health.

In order to effectively prevent disastrous effects of dustiness in mines, wetting formulations based on sulfosuccinates are used. The use of these types of chemicals results in wetting dust and adding extra weight which prevents small particles from lifting. Moreover, Roksol TDNF Plus prevents self-ignition of coal dumps by maintaining humidity in them.

Flotation additives offer

The flotation process consisting in extracting valuable minerals from ores is used in mining of metals. Chemical agents called ‘collectors’ and ‘flotation collectors’ are necessary to ensure effective and correct operation of the process. Their function consists in making surface of metal-bearing minerals hydrophobized and separating them from useless ore particles (i.e. gangue). The following chemical compounds are used to enrich metal ores: xanthates, thiophosphate, thiocarbamates and other in their pure form, as well as solutions and mixtures.

PCC Group’s offer includes emulsifiers of collectors with unique efficiency and ease of application. For example, Roksol SDTP and Roksol IPET Emu are products characterised by high efficiency in processes of enrichment of copper ores. Thus, they are especially recommended for flotation processes.

Securing of flotation waste

Gangue in the form of a fine-grained suspension is a by-product of mining processes. It goes to a landfill of flotation tailings. When it dries, it raises dust which is a burdensome factor for people and environment. In order to prevent dusting of such waste, PCC Group has created a product Roksol Most for surface hardening of landfill sites and embankments. Moreover, PCC Group offers also anchoring resign cartridges used to mounting anchors in layers of coal and other minerals.

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