Why choose cleaning products from reputable manufacturers?

Just as it would be difficult to imagine a house without furniture, household appliances or electronics, the vision of living without detergents and cleaning products is equally unrealistic. Maintaining order requires not only systematic work but also high quality cleaning products. These agents, such as liquids, pastes, gels or aerosols, perform many different tasks in our homes: they remove dirt, neutralize odors, eliminate bacteria, refresh and prevent dirt from re-deposition. They should also be anti-allergic, environmentally friendly and safe to use. Considering how many requirements are placed on household chemicals today, professional cleaning products from a manufacturer with the appropriate reputation are by far the most sensible choice. In this text we present the basic division of cleaning preparations into categories and indicate which of them should be in each home.

Published: 9-09-2020

Professional cleaning products – the most important reasons to bet on them

High-end cleaning agents are not only used in public places such as restaurants, shopping malls or hotels, but also in various houses and apartments. The first advantage of renowned cleaning products is certainly its long-lasting effect. It makes the cleaning itself shorter and allows to repeat it at a lower frequency. High-end cleaning products are also much more efficient, so products such as dishwashing liquid, washing gel or air freshener from a reputable brand will last longer than low-quality products.

It is also worth taking into account the safety of using this type of detergents – their composition and mode of operation are adjusted to the strictest standards, determined, among others, by the Sanitary-Epidemiological Station and other certification bodies. This is especially important in the case of household members with a tendency to be allergic to particular chemicals. The “top shelf” products are also preparations made in an environmentally friendly way from biodegradable materials.

Many of them have a completely vegan formula, which is not without significance for an increasing number of customers. As far as cleaning products are concerned, the manufacturer should also ensure that they effectively neutralize all kinds of microorganisms, such as dangerous bacteria and fungi. All this makes customers who once apply high quality cleaning products usually can no longer imagine returning to normal preparations.

Cleaning agents for home

The first group of cleaning agents that should not be missing in every house are detergents such as cleaning liquids, furniture care products, fabric and air fresheners and glass cleaners. Generally speaking, they are called home cleaning chemicals. They combine simplicity of application with a high efficiency and high performance. Many of these preparations are universal in use, making them ideal for everyday cleaning and disinfection of various types of surfaces.

Fabric fresheners

A popular group of preparations that do not neutralize unpleasant odors are fabric fresheners. These types of products are available in the form of aerosols, which, after application, restore the fresh smell of clothes, while removing the unpleasant smell without washing. The advantage of using professional agents, such as the Brilless® fabric air freshener available in the PCC Group’s offer, is that they can be applied to fabrics that are difficult to wash in a washing machine. We’re talking about curtains, drapes, carpets or upholstery. This kind of measure is also a proven method of bedding refreshment. The advantage of Brilless® is also an easy way of application – just spray on the fabric and leave it to dry.

Air fresheners

Every reputable manufacturer of cleaning products also has air fresheners in its offer. These types of preparations are perfect for different rooms in the house: from bathrooms, through the kitchen, hallway, wardrobe to the boiler room, garage or basement. Professional air fresheners are perfect for neutralizing the cigarette smell, unpleasant odors coming from the toilet or a characteristic odor of moisture. In this category it is worth noting, among others, ready-made preparations such as ROKO FAST&CLEAN 2in1, which effectively neutralize unwanted odors while restoring a fresh, pleasant room smell.

Furniture cleaners and care products

Another group of cleaning agents that should not be missing at home are professional furniture cleaners. They are used to remove typical dirt appearing on furniture made of solid wood, furniture boards as well as plastics, glass or metal. They are designed for cleaning laminated and veneered fronts. Renowned cleaners also contain a composition of waxes that make the furniture shine, being responsible for its long-lasting, glossy finish. In this category it is worth noting, among others, ROKO PROFESSIONAL MEBLO® furniture care liquid, which, apart from being suitable for use on various types of surfaces, does not leave streaks and guarantees a long-lasting effect and pleasant scent.

Glass cleaners

Washing windows, glass, mirrors and other glass surfaces is one of the activities we do most often at home. This should be done with special care in order to enjoy the spectacular appearance of glass without streaks, water stains or other visible traces. The housewife will be supported in this task by a wide range of glass and mirror cleaners, most often in the form of easy to use aerosols. An example is Flo glass and mirror cleaner with nanoparticles that create an additional protective coating on the surface of the cleaned glass. This gives the glass or mirror additional protection against the re-deposition of dirt. The most important advantages of the preparation are, among others:

  • a modern formula with the use of nanoparticles,
  • an effective streak-free cleaning,
  • a long-lasting, glamorous shine,
  • a pleasant smell of citrus,
  • a safe formula based on biodegradable surfactants,
  • compliance with ISO 14001.

Multi-purpose cleaners

The range of home cleaning products is complemented by universal liquids, designed to clean all surfaces: from wood through glass and ceramics to metal and plastic. They enable washing and care of floors, furniture and domestic appliances, such as household appliances/radio and television equipment. This kind of preparation will certainly be useful in every house. However, it is worth betting on high quality products which, apart from being effective and efficient, also offer a long-lasting fragrance and lack of streaks. Products worthy of recommendation are certainly:

Cleaning products for kitchen and bathroom

The second group of cleaning products are agents for washing bathrooms and kitchens. These include among others antibacterial liquids and gels for toilets, bathroom cleaners, lotions and dishwashing liquids, dishwasher products and kitchen cleaners. Preparations dedicated to the maintenance of these rooms should combine high biocidal effectiveness, refreshing and disinfecting properties and be as safe as possible in use. Every reputable manufacturer of cleaning products offers a wide range of such detergents, which can be enriched, among others, with liquids or preparations for unclogging sewage pipes, descalers or agents for cleaning gas/induction plates, stone countertops or shower cabins. These are, of course, just some examples of products used in bathrooms and kitchens – the range of products available on the market is really very wide.

WC liquids

One of the basic categories of bathroom chemicals are of course toilet cleaners. Due to the specificity of this type of fittings and the susceptibility of the toilet and its environment to colonisation by bacteria and fungi, liquids and toilet gels should have maximum biocidal effect. In this case, the best solution is a thick gel consistency, which stays on the cleaned surfaces for a long time, which significantly increases the cleaning efficiency.

An example of an agent that perfectly deals with the most troublesome dirt is ROKO PROFESSIONAL WC GEL, whose formula is based on the composition of acids, thanks to which the dirt is removed spontaneously. Another example of an effective detergent is Flo Gel for WC, which perfectly removes heavy soiling while protecting surfaces from the re-deposition of organic dirt.

Kitchen cleaners

The toughest challenge when cleaning kitchens is undoubtedly to remove the accumulated grease and stubborn dirt from appliances and furniture. At the same time, it should be taken into account that many kitchen appliances have delicate coatings that are easy to scratch. For this reason, the best way to get rid of bothersome dirt is to choose an agent that combines maximum degreasing efficiency with a gentle formula. A good example of such a preparation is certainly Flo Kitchen Cleander – a kitchen cleaner with active foam formula. The product is available in the form of a convenient spray, which significantly increases dosing precision. It effectively removes grease from surfaces such as glass, stainless steel and ceramics.

Dishwashing liquids and lotions

Although dishwashers are becoming more and more popular every year, hand dishwashing is in many cases faster and more convenient, so washing up liquid or gel should be present in every kitchen. When it comes to such professional cleaning products, the manufacturer should provide two basic parameters: efficiency and effectiveness of dirt removal. Just a small amount of liquid or gel should be enough to effectively get rid of grease and dirt from plates, cutlery, pots and pans. Due to the direct contact of detergents with hands, dishwashing liquid must not cause skin irritation. All these properties are combined in a concentrated Flo Lemon&Mint liquid, which, in addition to its safe formula and high effectiveness, also provides a pleasant and refreshing citrus smell.

An alternative to classic liquids are gels and lotions with a dense, intensely concentrated formula. Products such as Flo Argan Oil Dishwashing Lotion create an active foam that effectively removes grease and dirt. At the same time, the lotion contains no harmful parabens or phosphates and is safe for allergy sufferers due to its low allergenic potential.

Products for dishwashers

The last group of cleaning products for the kitchen and bathroom are dishwasher products:

Dishwasher cleaners are specialist detergents that help keep your equipment in good condition. They are especially recommended for those households where the dishwasher is operated at high frequency. The role of this type of agents is to remove deposits, leaks and fat from places that are difficult to reach. At the same time, the liquid neutralizes unpleasant odors and helps to prolong the life of the device, improving the washing parameters.

Rinse aids are agents designed to rinse and give shine to dishwasher-washed dishes. Thanks to their ingredients, the best rinse aids such as Flo – an agent available in the PCC Group’s product portfolio – prevent the formation of deposits and leaks, while protecting glass from corrosion.

Dishwasher gels available on the market are increasingly replacing traditional capsules and tablets. The advantage of the gel consistency, offered by Flo dishwasher gels among others, lies in its effective active formula. Thanks to it, the preparation dissolves quickly and cleans effectively, perfectly coping even with long-lasting dirt and fat on the dishes.

Washing detergents

The third category of cleaning products, which should not be missing in any home, are obviously professional laundry products. In this case, in addition to washing powders or capsules, it is worthwhile to equip oneself with an effective stain remover that can deal with the most troublesome dirt. To keep your clothes fresh and soft, use a professional fabric softener. Gel or washing-up liquid, on the other hand, are agents that effectively support stain removal, protect colors while providing a fresh fragrance and flawless appearance.

Stain remover for fabrics

A professional stain remover is a product which, thanks to its recipe, removes the most stubborn dirt, without destroying the fabrics. High-end products such as Flo Oxy Power Color have additional ingredients that protect the original colors of clothing from discoloration. An additional advantage of the product is that it can be used both for handwash and automatic washing machines.

Fabric softeners and rinse concentrates

The purpose of fabric softeners is to give the washed clothes a fresh, pleasant fragrance and to soften the fabrics. These products penetrate the structure of the material, which guarantees a long-term effect. The manufacturer offering such cleaning products should also ensure that the product does not irritate the skin and does not cause allergies. An example of an agent whose formula combines all the above features is Flo Pure Nature Fabric Softener, which not only softens fabrics perfectly, but also makes them pleasant and soft to the touch. The product does not contain parabens or phosphates, so it is also safe for the skin.

Washing liquids and gels

The range of professional washing chemicals is complemented by washing liquids and gels, which combine the effectiveness of traditional powders with the power of enzymes and the properties of rinsing and softening liquids. Products of this type dosed directly into the washing machine or used for hand washing, effectively remove all kinds of stains and dirt, while protecting the material from damage and loss of natural color. With the efficient, natural Flo Color Gel for colored fabrics, clothes will be perfectly clean, soft and pleasant to the touch, keeping a fresh, pleasant scent for many days.

What to look out for when choosing home and apartment cleaning agents?

When choosing cleaners for the kitchen, bathroom and other rooms in the house, it is not worth being guided solely by the price of the product, although the quality of the cheapest products usually leaves much to be desired. Other parameters of household chemicals, such as composition, performance or safety of products, are much more important. It is best to choose those preparations whose recipe is based on as many natural ingredients as possible. Formulations without parabens, phosphates and other allergens will be allergy-friendly, while products containing active ingredients will be much more effective in dealing with stubborn dirt. The manufacturer of cleaning products is also important – by choosing detergents from renowned companies, such as the PCC Group, you get a guarantee of safety and an above-average effectiveness. See also the offer of disinfectants.

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