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Combined transport
PCC Intermodal S.A.

The pursuit of supply chain optimization requires from carriers and forwarding companies to use new, more efficient forms of transport organization.

One of them is combined transport (intermodal), allowing the use not one, but several modes of transport for delivery. Transportation by road is not always sufficient to deliver goods to the customer’s doorstep quickly and efficiently.

The combination of different transport methods makes it possible to increase the competitiveness of individual companies in the TSL sector, and consequently of manufacturing companies (exporters and importers), among other things, by shortening delivery times and reducing their costs, certainty, reliability and predictability; both for large and small, irregular cargo trains. PCC Intermodal SA offers a wide range of services and solutions for national and international combined transport.

Delivering containers to customers' doors
A network of regular connections
Transport from just 1 container!
Key benefits of combined transport
improvement of the transport process and reducing its time
lower costs
efficient use of the vehicle fleet and the own fleet
the possibility of flexible adaptation of transport to customer needs
environmentally friendly transport
maximised use of the benefits of each branch of transport
transport decoupling from existing road, rail, or port infrastructure
optimisation of the working time of personnel handling combined transport

What is combined transport?

Combined transport involves the combination of more than one mode of transport for transporting goods. The first or last stage of the service is carried out with the use of motor vehicles – e.g. cargo transportation to the port or transport from the terminal to the customer’s door. The other sections of the transport may be carried out by sea freight, rail, or inland waterway. Combining different forms allows to deliver faster, cheaper, and more ecologically, due to optimization of the routes of the performed services, no reloading costs, (the entire route is carried using one loading unit, e.g. a container), reduced amount of CO2 emitted to the atmosphere by combining road and rail transport.


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