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Rokolub® AD 246 plus

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PCC Rokita SA / Phosphorus Chemistry Business Unit
Chemical name
tert-butylphenyl-phenyl phosphate
ADR ADR ashless ashless ISO 14001 ISO 14001 ISO 50001 ISO 50001 ISO 9001 ISO 9001 low treat rate low treat rate ISO 45001 ISO 45001
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Rokolub AD 246 plus is a phosphoroorganic ester in the form of a light yellow to colourless liquid with a characteristic, delicate fragrance. It has a very low water level and a low acid value, which ensure long-term stability of the product's parameters. In turn, the high phosphorus content gives the product unique properties that are important in the lubricating oil industry.

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Properties and applications

Advantages of Rokolub AD 246 plus:

 – improves anti-wear properties of mineral and synthetic oils:

  • application of the product in the amount of 2% in mineral oil brings a reduction in the diameter of the defects in the four-ball test by up to 50%, compared to the base oil without additions
  • application of the product in the amount of 2% in PAO brings a reduction in the diameter of the flaws in a four-ball test, approx. 40%, compared to the base oil without additions
  • application of the product in the amount of 2% in POE brings a reduction in the diameter of the flaws in the four-ball test by over 30%, compared to the base oil without additions

– compatible with other anti-friction additives (phosphoric, sulfuric and chlorine ones) which ensures obtaining good surface protection in sliding contact of materials

 – does not cause corrosion and metal staining (in contrast to widely used sulphated and chlorinated AW / EP additives)

 – is compatible with a wide range of additives for oils

 – it is safe for human health

Benefits of using the product:

 – obtaining oils with better anti-wear and anti-friction properties and extending the life of the equipment

 – reducing corrosion, compared to oils containing standard AW / EP additives based on sulphur or chlorine

 – can be used in a package with other additives for oils

 – increased safety during production and use of oils


 – industrial oils: hydraulic oils, compressor oils, turbine oils, gear oils

 – automotive oils: gear oils


Markets and applications
Lubricants and functional fluids / Compressor oils, Hydraulic fluids, Industrial lubricants, Metalworking fluids

Antiwear additives


Specialty Products / Lubricants & functional fluids

Alternative names
tert-butylphenyl-phenyl phosphate, TBPP, Phenol isobutylenated phosphate, phenol, isobutylenated, phosphate (3:1) [CAS#68937-40-6], Reaction mass of p-t-butylphenyldiphenyl phosphate and bis(p-t-butylphenyl) phenyl phosphate and triphenyl phosphate, Reaction mass of 4-tert-butylphenyl diphenyl phosphate and bis(4-tert-butylphenyl) phenyl phosphate and triphenyl phosphate [EC# 700-990-0], tert-Butylphenyl diphenyl phosphate [CAS#56803-37-3, EC: 260-391-0], butylated phenol phosphate ester, butylated phenyl phosphate, t-butylphenyl phenyl phosphate, TPP butylated, synthetic triaryl phosphates based on butylated phenol, phosphate ester, aryl phosphate ester, triaryl phosphate ester, tertiary phosphate esters, triphenyl phosphate ester, neutral phosphate ester, synthetic phosphate ester, organophosphate ester, organophosphorus compound, phosphorous chemicals, esters of phosphoric acid, organic salts of orthophosphoric acid, phosphate ester fluids
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